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We always welcome freelance and guest writers who are willing to share visions, assessments and content that are well investigated on respective topics. If you have tips, impositions, thoughts and insights you are interested in writing about Web design, Development and Tech commonalities, write for us.

GTT acquire submissions in the following divisions:

  1. Design and/or Development
  2. Technology
  3. Entrepreneurship
  4. Health
  5. Entertainment

How to Inspire on GTT:

All Articles will go through a subjective review internally. Following are some of the rules that will help us in regulating posts we will eventually publish.

What gets endorsed?

  • Be creative and original. All the content must be unique and not posted elsewhere.
  • Mind that the length of the article should not be less than 600 words.
  • Include 2-5 images related to the article or a video
  • Every article should be targeted at Categories mentioned at the blog.
  • If you prefer creating bite-sized articles, you are always welcome! We are also looking for useful interactive charts and info graphics that impress the web audience, especially the ones related to our niche.

To write for GTT and enquire about Cost, please drop us an email at contact@gettoptrends.com