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15 Martyred as ‘Suicide Bomber’ Hits Swat CTD

Twin blasts, suspected to be a suicide attack, rocked a Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) police station in Swat’s Kabal on Monday, resulting in the martyrdom of 15 individuals, including eight police officers, and leaving over 53 people injured, including three civilians.

The building of the police station collapsed after the attackers opened fire and set off the explosives. Rescue 1122 spokesperson Ayesha Khan confirmed the casualties and stated that efforts were underway to rescue individuals trapped under the debris.

District Police Officer Shafi Ullah Gandapur (DPO) revealed two explosions inside the police station, causing extensive damage to the building. CTD DIG Khalid Sohail stated that the collapse of the building caused a power outage, the full extent of which was yet to be determined. He added that the collapsed building was older, while most of the offices and personnel were in a newer building.

The cause of the blasts in the Swat CTD center has remained unknown. Sohail speculated that ammunition and mortar shells stored inside the station may have been responsible, or it could have been a suicide attack. Read More.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Inspector General of Police Akhtar Hayat Khan confirmed that security officials were highly alert throughout the province. Initial information suggested that the attack occurred around 8:20 pm inside the premises of the police station, which also housed the Counter Terrorism Department and a mosque. All three buildings collapsed due to the intensity of the blasts, with a fire erupting soon after.

Rescue 1122 officials were conducting rescue operations to save individuals trapped under the rubble while the injured were being rushed to Saidu Sharif Teaching Hospital. Emergency was declared at all nearby hospitals to manage the influx of casualties.

blast in swat

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Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif condemned the incident and expressed deep grief over the loss of lives. He offered his condolences to the bereaved families and prayed for the martyrs and the early recovery of the injured. He directed the relevant authorities to assist the injured and sought a report on the incident.

Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah also strongly condemned the blast and expressed sorrow over lost lives. KP Caretaker Chief Minister Muhammad Azam Khan also condemned the attack and directed the relevant authorities to expedite rescue and relief operations. He assured that the government would not abandon the families of the martyred police officials.

This attack comes when Pakistan is grappling with increased terrorism incidents, with law enforcement personnel being targeted by militants in their renewed offensive. Security agencies have heightened their operations against terrorists in response to the situation.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif reiterated the government’s commitment to eliminating terrorism and expressed condolences to the families of the martyrs in a press release from PM Office Media Wing.

On his Twitter handle, the Prime Minister condemned the suicide attack on CTD and expressed deep grief over the martyrdom of police officials. He emphasized that the police have been at the forefront of defending against terrorism and pledged to continue efforts to eradicate this menace.

District Police Officer Shafiullah Gandapur confirmed that the blast had destroyed the police station of the Counter Terrorism Department in Kabal. The entire nation saluted the sacrifices of the Shuhada (martyrs), as stated by the Prime Minister.

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