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5 best daily routine android apps 5 best daily routine android apps


5 Best Daily Routine Android Apps



Holla guys! Today we will be talking about 5 best daily routine android apps that you might want to use. Though there are more than 2million apps on play store, so it’s really hard to find the cool ones. So I compile a list of apps that are use full for “everyday uses” scenario. Let’s check out!

HexLock App

By Liquidum Limited Tools

The first application is HEX LOCK, an app protector application used to hide/secure apps from others. So if you are worried about sharing your device with others? Have no fear! You can now lock the apps you don’t want your family, friends, and co-workers to see. It is considered being one of the best and unique app because of its features and cool interface. With customizable profile settings, Hex Locker protects you wherever you are even at home, workplace, with friends or anywhere.

You can create multiple profiles of your choice and able to handle multiple applications status under it. Well, I think this application is best for students, co-workers and also for working parents as they use important work based applications in their smart devices for work purposes.

hexlock app

This application starts storing your device by connecting to Wi-Fi automatically. Another exciting feature in this application is mobile media vault. With which, you can store your photos and videos.

Rating: 4.3 Reviews: 50,061


By Rit Pat

Our second application is basically a phone finder under the category of Lifestyle. It’s a no Internet app, which is a big plus. This app is designed to find your lost device even if you are not connected to Wi-Fi. The super simple find phone with SMS asks for two alters ‘call’ and ‘location’. After setting alerts, set your password and you are good to go. Now if ever you lost your phone just make a message with an alert keyword that you had set and your phone will start ringing until it gets unlock.

find phone with sms

Rating: 4.0 Reviews: 102


By Francisco Barroso

Our third app is a widget based application under the category of Personalization. This application is all about checking your notifications in widget format. Normally we’ve slide bars from the top left. In this application, you can get a notification in widget form by swiping down from the right top and you can see a nice customized widget base notification bar. Normally you get three widget options while in premium version you can add multiple widgets accordingly. This application is kind of booster and works more productive than ever.

sap swip drawer

Rating: 4.4 Reviews: 2,703



Our fourth application is most incredible and highly useful. YEAH! This app allows desktop preview in your smart devices. It gives a desktop live feature, so you can have a desktop preview even in your android device. It almost supports all applications. It comes up with further apps

  • A native file manager app
  • A native web browser app
  • A native launcher app
  • A native video player app
  • A native image player app

hq music player

Note: Available in Beta Version

Rating: 4.2 Reviews: 6,097


By Nazar Soroka

On fifth, we have a music player app under Music & Audio category. Now I must say that I have seen such reliable, amazing and simple music product ever. Apparently, you’ll see nothing traditional in it except plan screen. This app is all about gesture game like if you scroll up you’ll see the album cover, by scrolling down you have songs list, a previous track on left side and next on right and you can forward the song by rotating your fingers clockwise on screen.

hq music player app

Rating: 4.4 Reviews: 3,190

Till here we have seen the five best daily routine android apps. Let us know about your apps list. Happy reading!



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