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5 Ways Drinking Water Helps You Keep Fit 5 Ways Drinking Water Helps You Keep Fit


5 Ways Drinking Water Helps You Keep Fit



We all know that water is the building block of life. This is proven by the fact that you can go without food for a month but only a week without drinking water. But apart from keeping you alive water has many other benefits.

For instance, did you know that water helps keep you fit? Also, if you’re training, regularly taking part in exercise or simply trying to be more physically active in your life then water is your best friend.

The following list will provide you with 5 solid reasons why drinking water can help you while you’re trying to keep yourself physically fit. While reading them remember that water doesn’t just help gym addicts but everyone. Hydration is not the only benefit from drinking enough water; it also helps improve your general health too.

1. Drinking Water Helps You Better Tolerate Pain

Many of us are aware that constant dehydration can lead to obvious conditions like fatigue, but did you know that it also makes your pain more painful? According to a study published in the journal of Psychophysiology, drinking water can, in fact, sustain your tolerance towards pain.

5 Ways Drinking Water Helps You Keep Fit

The study was carried out on 17 healthy male participants who took part in 2 tests. In the first test, they regularly drank water and the second required them to neglect the beverage for 1 day. The researchers then put the participants’ feet in ice-cold water for up to 4 minutes after both tests. The results show that the men were able to tolerate the cold longer when they had been drinking enough fluid but couldn’t stand the pain when dehydrated.

This just goes to show how pain sensitivity can be significantly higher when deprived of water. So think about this next time you’re putting your body under a lot of physical pressure but not drinking enough water.

2. Water Improves Energy Levels

5 Ways Drinking Water Helps You Keep Fit

If you suffer from fatigue then the cause might be dehydration. This is because your body has to work harder in order to function properly when it doesn’t have enough hydration. However, when you free up your body from having to work overtime then you’ll find that you generally have better energy levels and feel more awake.

3. Water Helps Your Body Maintain Its Normal Functions

Research has shown time and time again that water is essential to your organs running smoothly. This should not come as too much of a surprise when you consider that the body of the average adult human is between 55-65% water.

5 Ways Drinking Water Helps You Keep Fit

Your body needs water to circulate blood, regulate its temperature and digest food, even down to basic things like stopping your mouth from getting dry. If you’re being physically active then your body needs water even more. Do not wait until you start feeling dehydrated – be proactive about your water intake.

4. Water Lessens the Urge To Eat Empty Calories

5 Ways Drinking Water Helps You Keep Fit

Studies show that many of us confuse hunger with dehydration. This can lead to overeating and the consumption of excess calories that could lead to weight gain. Although drinking enough water will not stop you eating unnecessary junk food, it can stop you from eating when you’re not actually hungry.

5. Water Helps With General Well-Being

5 Ways Drinking Water Helps You Keep Fit

Scientists from the Maastricht University, Netherlands discovered that regular sufferers of migraines and severe headaches were able to improve their symptoms by drinking more water. Around 7 glasses of water, a day was enough for them to see an improved quality of life.

Water is Almost Always The Best Option For Hydration​

5 Ways Drinking Water Helps You Keep Fit

The market is flooded with sports drinks, “healthy” juice drinks, and energy boosters. But the truth is that most of these drinks, no matter how healthy they might sound, come with a ton of added sugar and processed calories. Water is the best form of hydration in almost all situations. It has zero calories, fulfills all your body’s hydration needs and for the most part is completely free!

Water does a lot for us and this is why constant dehydration can have devastating effects on our health and fitness. Drinking enough water is even more important when you are trying to keep fit because of things like water loss through sweat, irregular body temperature and loss of body fluids. Drinking enough water can significantly reduce the potentially harmful effects of intense, prolonged physical activities while also improving your general health outcomes.



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