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7 Reasons Why Cats Are The Best Pets:

cats are the best pets

Let’s face it, everyone thinks cats are mean and selfish type but as a cat owner, I can assure you, that none of this is true. Yes, cats are slightly moody at times but once they’re ready to have fun, you’d want to adopt more than one cat. When it comes to cats, who don’t like to have one snuggling around their backs, making them feel comfortable and warm, right? Cats are honestly THE BEST pet one can ask for.

They’re always there for you, they don’t hurt you, and they come and sleep right beside you in an adorable way and look at you so quite innocently that you’d want to hug them tight! If you’re looking for reasons to get a cat, Here are some of the reasons why cats are the best pet one can ask for:


cats are the best pets

Cats are quite independent animals by nature! You can own a cat and leave home without even worrying about it being sad and alone without your presence. If you want to cuddle with your cat, GREAT, it’ll be there to cuddle with you but cats allow you to have personal space because they like theirs and for a person who needs to maintain a little distance from every living being for a couple of hours, a cat is a perfect pet to make.

Also, they make you realize your worth, cats are the queens, and they know what they want when they want it and how they want it. You can learn a thing or two from cats as well.


cats are the best pets

Yes, cats are independent and yes they do love to snuggle with you. When you look at a cat, you’re like GOD, WHAT DID I DESERVE TO PET THIS HEAVENLY CREATURE (At least that’s how a normal cat lover would feel).

The reason is that they have cute little habits. These habits include cuddling, snuggling, and jumping on your bed when you’re feeling lonely. They’re just so cute that you can’t resist. Cats honestly can be the best animal as a pet.


cats are the best pets

For the first time being cat owner, here’s a fun fact: every cat owner says Amen to the fact that THEY DON’T MAKE A NOISE. (Except when they manage to break something). They are quiet and calm creatures by nature.

if you’re the kind of person who loves their serenity and peacefulness, you might need to get a cat because it would be 100% guaranteed, a cat wouldn’t make any sound and on the other hand, if you have a dog well, BOW-WOW to you.


cats are the best pets

It’s a stereotype that dogs are more overprotective than any other animal. In some cases, yes, dogs are a little more protective than cats but that doesn’t mean cats can not behave the same way for you. Cats care about your feelings more than any animal.

If you’re sad and want someone, your cat would just come up to you and snuggle away all your doubts and sadness, if you want to get rid of an uninvited guest, your cat would annoy that person until they leave and if you want to go out and have a night with your friends, You wouldn’t need someone to babysit your cat, they’re independent enough to take care of themselves.


cats are the best

If you’re an introverted person and not very fond of going out, cats are definitely your kind of pet. Cats can stay in bed all day long and wouldn’t want to leave unless they HAVE TO. As an introvert by nature, that is something you can be excited about. Your cat, just like you, would stay indoors as much as you like to do, you don’t have to walk her out or show her the outside world, chances are, she’d hate you for that. So introverts, GET A CAT.


If you’re wondering why people love cats? Here’s another reason about cats that you probably didn’t know. Cats are natural-born hunters. They love to hunt down insects and vanish them from your home so if you’re a normal human and HATE bugs, you would love to have a cat around. Also, we all know when there’s a cat in the house, you won’t be needing a rat killer.

cats best pets


If nothing, cats are the most adorable pets ever! Their cute little habits and fluffy small paws are worth buying a cat for. Also, Kittens are the cutest. HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE KITTENS? Kittens are the sweetest animals ever. Here are some pictures to make you realize what you’re missing in case you don’t have a cat.

cats are best

Can you just Look at this?

cats are best

How can you not fall in love with something like this?

These are a few of the many benefits you can get from being the owner of a cat. If you love all these things, it’s time you shouldn’t hesitate into getting a cat. Make this decision today and get yourself a fluffy ball of love in the shape of a cat.

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