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A Solar Eclipse Will be in Pakistan on April 20

On April 20, sky gazers worldwide will have the opportunity to witness the first solar eclipse of 2023 in Pakistan. This rare phenomenon, where the moon aligns with the sun and the earth, casting its shadow or blocking sunlight, is expected to be breathtaking.

This solar eclipse is even more unique because it may be a hybrid solar eclipse, an extremely rare occurrence that happens only a few times in a century.

However, the solar eclipse will not be visible to those in Pakistan. The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has confirmed that while the eclipse will start early in the morning and end just before noon on April 20, according to Pakistan standard time, it will not be visible anywhere in the country.

The timings for the different phases of the solar eclipse are as follows:

  • The eclipse begins at 6:34 am (PST).
  • The total eclipse will occur at 7:37 am (PST).
  • The eclipse will peak at 9:17 am (PST).
  • It will end at 11:59 am (PST).
solar eclipse in Pakistan

While Pakistan cannot witness the solar eclipse, some parts of the world will experience the rare phenomenon partially or completely. The solar eclipse will be visible from parts of southern and eastern Asia, Australia, and Antarctica, as well as over the Indian and Pacific oceans.

According to reports by Popular Science, April has been designated as “Global Astronomy Month” by the US-based organization Astronomers without Borders, as the month will offer mesmerizing sights in the sky.

The April 20 solar eclipse will create a ring of fire, which will be visible for a brief time in the Indian Ocean, and Western Australia will experience around nine minutes of darkness during the day as the moon covers the sun completely.

It’s worth noting that this solar eclipse will not be visible in the United States. However, skywatchers in the western part of the US can look forward to another solar eclipse in October, just a few months later. Keep visiting to get Trending updates.

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