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A Way to Remove Polarization and Political Instability in Pakistan

On June 8, 2023, the National Youth Jirga (NYJ) was organized by Volunteer Force Pakistan (VFP) in collaboration with the Kashmir Youth Alliance (KYA) at the Institute of Regional Studies (IRS) in Islamabad, Pakistan. Read more.

This significant gathering brought together esteemed youth activists, representatives, entrepreneurs, dignitaries, former ambassadors of Pakistan, and political activists. The event commenced with reciting the Holy Quran and the national anthem.

Rai Hasis ul Hassan, the spokesperson of VFP, introduced the organization and presented the core agenda of the NYJ. Following this, Mr. Usman Raza Jolaha, President of Volunteer FP, addressed the audience, thoroughly explaining the NYJ’s ideology. He shed light on the meaning of “Eradicating Polarization through National Cohesion,” which encapsulated the essence of the entire event.

Several youth representatives then took the stage to share their ideologies and emphasize the importance of national cohesion and unity. Notable figures included Miss Sonia Saleem, Senior Vice President of the Islamabad Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Mr. Abdul Qadir, Chairman of the Youth Association of Pakistan; Mr. Muhammad Shehzad Khan, President of the Youth Council Pakistan; and Abdullah Rehan Qazi, representative of the National Youth Society.

Mr. Hamid Mehmood known as Hamid The Pro, the founder of a top digital services provider agency, provided insights on eradicating polarization. He emphasized that unity within nations can only be achieved through honesty and the cultivation of ethical values. He concluded that nations rooted in ethical values are less susceptible to division or conquest.

A Way to Remove Polarization and Political Instability in Pakistan

The session then moved on to Mr. Khuram Elahi, who addressed the participants from an educational perspective, shedding light on the importance of national cohesion. He shared the perspectives of renowned socialists and philosophers, emphasizing the significance of unity and national integration.

Dr. Mujahid Gilani, representing Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK), highlighted the challenges the people of Kashmir faced in the IOK. He expressed concern over widespread hatred among youth based on differences of opinion. Mr. Faiz Ullah Farak, the former spokesperson of Gilgit Baltistan, also addressed the audience, stressing the importance of expressing differing opinions on political and ethnic issues without harbouring hatred. He urged everyone to embrace the entirety of the country and protect its institutions, emphasizing mutual respect.

The honourable chief guest, Ex-Ambassador Najam Saqib, shared his life story, expressing his deep love and affection for his homeland, Pakistan. He reminded the youth of the sacrifices made by national heroes, martyrs, Quaid-e-Azam, and Allama Muhammad Iqbal. He encouraged the youth to spread positivity through their words and actions and emphasized the importance of focusing on the positive aspects rather than believing in misinformation or speculations.

In conclusion, President of Volunteer Force Pakistan expressed gratitude to Ambassador Nadeem Riyaz, President of IRS, for providing the opportunity to conduct the session. He answered audience questions and presented the policy framework for the future, underscoring the commitment to the organization’s goals and objectives.

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