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AI Technology Detects Cancer Before Symptoms with Ezra

Ezra, a cutting-edge AI-powered cancer screener, has received FDA clearance, transforming the landscape of cancer detection.

With its advanced technology, Ezra enables the early detection of cancer, potentially saving lives. Using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology and AI, Ezra can examine up to 13 organs in the human body, offering a comprehensive screening solution.

This groundbreaking AI technology detects cancer and monitors other illnesses, such as fatty liver disease and brain aneurysms. Read more.

Enhanced Imaging Results at Lower Costs

The New York-based company recently obtained FDA approval for Ezra Flash, an AI-powered scanner that significantly improves the quality and speed of imaging results.

The introduction of Ezra Flash has paved the way for faster and higher-quality scans, reducing the cost of the procedure. Emi Gal, the founder, and CEO of Ezra, aims to make cancer screening as accessible as possible to create a full-body MRI priced at just $500.

Empowering Early Detection

Emi Gal, personally driven by the loss of his mother to melanoma and his high-risk status for the disease, believes that early detection is the key to curing cancer.

Recognizing that many cancers lack clear screening guidelines, Gal emphasizes the importance of detecting cancer before symptoms arise.

By leveraging AI technology, Ezra strives to bridge this gap and enable early detection, significantly improving the chances of successful treatment.

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AI technology detects cancer with Ezra

Expanding Accessibility

Currently available in major cities such as New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, and Las Vegas, Ezra collaborates with American College of Radiology-accredited facilities to conduct the scans.

The company has already assisted 13% of its members in identifying potential cancer cases, and physicians are increasingly referring their patients for Ezra scans. However, affordability remains a challenge.

To address this, Ezra has been actively reducing costs and ensuring that cancer screening becomes more accessible to a broader population.

The Power of AI in Radiology

AI plays a crucial role in Ezra’s innovative approach. By automating tasks traditionally performed by radiologists, AI streamlines the screening process, reducing time and expenses.

With the assistance of AI, radiologists can produce comprehensive reports in a clear format, facilitating straightforward interpretation of findings.

Additionally, the implementation of Ezra Flash enables radiologists to complete scans more efficiently, enhancing the quality of images and accelerating the overall screening process.

AI technology detects cancer with Ezra

Advantages and Considerations

Ezra’s reliance on MRI technology eliminates ionizing radiation, minimizing potential health risks associated with other screening methods. However, the potential for unintended discoveries remains a concern.

The AI technology employed by Ezra generates detailed reports that explain the significance of each finding, aiding in the diagnostic process and ensuring clarity for patients and healthcare providers alike.


With its AI-powered cancer screening technology, Ezra revolutionizes the early detection of cancer, empowering individuals to manage their health proactively. Combining MRI technology, AI algorithms, and a commitment to affordability, Ezra strives to make cancer screening as accessible as booking a ride with Uber. The remarkable advancements offered by Ezra can potentially transform the field of cancer detection and significantly improve patient outcomes.

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