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amazing smart phone hacks amazing smart phone hacks


Amazing Smartphone Hacks



If you are using android based smartphone, you must love knowing these hacks help to make your phone more useful.  Let’s have a look what amazing stuff you can do with your smartphone.

Smart Enough To Save Battery

Do you know if you have a smartphone with multiple panels, you can actually save your phone’s battery by setting the wallpaper as black. The system identifies black color as off screen and it automatically started saving battery.

PhotoMath App

A revolutionary mathematical application, solve mathematical problems automatically while hovering the camera on screen. This application is best for students while in exams.

Airplane Mood

If you are in a serious hurry while your phone needs to be charged than good to go with airplane mood. Pressing in the airplane button before changing your smartphone will speed up your phone’s charging up to 50 % faster.

Disable Background Applications

However you were using a single application whole day, there are fifty other applications running in the background. A quick trick to avoid this hassle is to go to settings and clicking the off switch disables all of it.

Phone speakers Suck!

It is hard to get best front speakers on your smartphone. While listening music put your phone into a ceramic bowl, it will help increasing your phone’s volume up to 30% whoa!
Till now we got some amazing smartphone hacks. Hope you guys enjoy it and don’t forget to share your hacks with us.



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