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Amazon Prime Day 2023: Everything You Need to Know

The annual event for Amazon Prime is a day of deals and discounts on millions of products, so if you’re looking to make some extra cash this summer, you’re in luck. Let’s know more about Amazon Prime Day.

Here are the top 5 things to keep in mind while shopping:

1. Choose a Good Deal

Amazon is known for having some of the best deals but sometimes offers better discounts. The company is constantly testing new ways to get more people to buy their products and increase sales—and there’s no guarantee that every deal will be worth it. It’s essential to read reviews and check out customer feedback before committing to a purchase because it’s cheap.

2. Stock up on Essentials

The weather is heating up, and everyone wants something fun (like Amazon Prime Day!), so why not invest in some essentials? You can find everything from food staples like cereal and milk to household items like cleaning supplies or toilet paper at great prices during this sale period.

That’s not even counting all the other stuff you might buy too! If you want something specific, check out Amazon’s list of featured items before shopping.

Amazon Prime Day 2023

3. Watch out for Lightning Deals and Amazon Coupons

These are great ways to save money if you’ve already got an account with Amazon and want to avoid creating one for this sale. They’ll also give discounts on products that aren’t included in the main sale (for example, if someone buys more than $100 worth of books during their Lightning Deal, they’ll get $10 off their next book purchase).

4. Other Retailers on Amazon are in on the Action

This week, Amazon isn’t the only company providing bargains, so comparing pricing from different retailers will help guarantee you’re getting a decent deal.

This week, big-box businesses like Target and Walmart and smaller merchants are giving bargains and promotions.

Like Prime Day, Walmart and Target’s discounts require membership in their respective loyalty programs – Walmart+ and Target Circle, respectively. Walmart+, like Amazon Prime, provides a 30-day free trial before charging $98 a year.

5. Don’t buy on the Spur of the Moment

Prime Day is a two-day event. This might induce a sense of urgency in specific buyers, leading to impulse purchases. However, if you wouldn’t make an enormous buy, feel free to do so simply because something is on sale.

Other major seasonal deals are on the way, and many businesses will give discounts on high-ticket products. McGrath also stated that Amazon frequently repeats promotions around Black Friday, particularly for its items.

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