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Apple Leads the New Chapter of Podcasting

Apple has introduced a groundbreaking development for podcast enthusiasts worldwide – Apple Podcasts Subscriptions. Read the latest Apple update.

Apple Podcasts allow listeners to delve into premium subscriptions from their cherished creators alongside free shows on Apple Podcasts.

Starting this May, individuals in over 170 countries and regions can join premium subscriptions packed with exclusive perks crafted by the creators. These bonuses encompass ad-free listening, bonus content access, and even early or exclusive entry to fresh series.

The premium subscriptions of Apple Podcasts roster range from independent voices like Tenderfoot TV and Pushkin Industries to eminent studios such as Radiotopia from PRX and QCODE.

Major media and entertainment names like NPR, the Los Angeles Times, The Athletic, and Sony Music Entertainment have also jumped aboard, promising an eclectic selection for listeners.

Today, Apple Podcasts is the best place for listeners to discover and enjoy millions of great shows, and we are proud to lead the next chapter of podcasting with Apple Podcasts Subscriptions.”

Cue expressed enthusiasm about the potential of this new platform for creators and looked forward to the innovative content they would produce.

Next month, listeners can also anticipate the debut of “channels.” These curated groups of shows, complete with unique titles, descriptions, and artwork, will offer listeners an efficient way to explore more content from their favourite creators.

The channel options will range from free selections to paid subscriptions, offering added incentives for subscribers.

The updated iOS 14.5 has a revamped Apple Podcasts app featuring an improved Search tab for easy access to Top Charts and categories. Show and episode pages have received a makeover to facilitate seamless following, listening, and sharing.

Apple Podcasts

Additionally, the new Smart Play button simplifies the experience by automatically starting episodic shows from the latest episode and serialized shows from their beginnings. Listeners can now save individual episodes for offline playback, making it convenient to bookmark podcasts for later listening in the Library.

For creators, the new Apple Podcasts for Creators website is a hub for podcasting insights, the latest updates, and comprehensive guides.

The upgraded Apple Podcasts Connect dashboard is accessible for all creators, offering new features to streamline show management on Apple Podcasts. This includes editing metadata, managing show schedules and availability, organizing shows into channels, administering multiple users and roles, and assessing listener engagement through fresh performance metrics and visualization tools.

Creators can also enrol in the Apple Podcasters Program via Apple Podcasts Connect, granting them access to tools required for creating and distributing premium subscriptions on the platform.

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