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Best Long-Term Dog Boarding Farm in Danville VA

For folks in Danville, Virginia, finding a safe place for their furry friends during long trips can be tough. But luckily, there’s a special spot just for this – Dancing Creek Farm. Here, dogs have plenty of space to roam, play, and get lots of love, making it the top choice for long-term dog boarding in Danville, VA

Introducing Dancing Creek Farm

Dancing Creek Farm, founded by Tamara Belotti and partner Dakota Belotti, presents a unique solution for pet owners seeking extended care for their dogs. Unlike other facilities that primarily accommodate short stays, Dancing Creek Farm specializes in providing a home away from home for dogs staying for weeks or even months. This ensures that pets receive the attention, exercise, and affection they need while their owners are away.

Best Long-Term Dog Boarding at Dancing Creek Farm

Danville, with its beautiful scenery, is the ideal place for long-term dog boarding. Known for its history and friendly community, Danville is a great setting for Dancing Creek Farm. Here, pet owners can relax knowing their furry pals are in good hands while they’re busy. This farm isn’t your average boarding place. Here, dogs get special attention in a comfy and safe environment.

 Features of Long-Term Dog Boarding at Dancing Creek Farm

1. Roomy Spaces: Dogs staying at Dancing Creek Farm have lots of room to relax and play. Each dog gets a comfy bed and plenty of space to move around.

2. Fun Play Areas: Dogs love playing outside, and there’s plenty of space for that at Dancing Creek Farm. They can run around and play with other dogs under staff supervision.

3. Personalized Care: Each dog gets special attention, whether it’s medicine, special diets, or just some extra love.

4. Daily Activities: Dogs at Dancing Creek Farm get exercise every day based on their age and energy level. They can go for walks or play games to stay active and happy.

5. 24/7 Security: Owners can trust that their dogs are safe at Dancing Creek Farm. Staff keep an eye on them all day and night, so they’re always looked after.

Short-Term Dog Boarding: Another Option

If you need to leave your dog for a short trip, Dancing Creek Farm also offers temporary stays. Pet owners can relax knowing their furry friends are well cared for. Short-Term Dog Boarding at Dancing Creek Farm provides a convenient option for pet owners requiring temporary care for their dogs. Whether it’s a weekend getaway, a brief business trip, or a short vacation, Dancing Creek Farm ensures that furry friends are well looked after during their stay.

Conclusion: Long-term dog boarding at Dancing Creek Farm is a reliable option for pet owners needing care for their dogs during long trips. With its beautiful setting, personalized care, and commitment to excellence, Dancing Creek Farm is the perfect place for dogs to stay while their owners are away. For more information about long-term dog boarding at Dancing Creek Farm, visit their website and check out their other services at Dancing Creek Farm

1. How long can a dog be boarded?

At Dancing Creek Farm, dogs can enjoy stays from 3 days or longer. They are equipped to provide exceptional care for any duration. Additionally, specialized services such as dog retirement and Pet Trust are available, ensuring that dogs receive top-notch care regardless of the length of their stay.

2. What if a dog isn’t social with humans or dogs?

For dogs that may not be social with other canines or humans, Dancing Creek Farm provides private cabins tailored to their needs. However, it’s important to note that they cannot accept dogs that exhibit aggression towards humans.

3. What type of dog training is provided?

At Dancing Creek Farm, they believe in balanced dog training techniques. Every dog is unique, and they utilize e-collars with proper conditioning to effectively communicate with furry friends. Similar to a TENS unit, these collars send signals to communicate or correct behavior. Rest assured, dogs are never harmed or punished in their programs. As part of the training approach, owners are added to a dedicated WhatsApp group to communicate directly with the trainer throughout their dog’s stay. They also receive weekly video updates to witness their dog’s progress. Family members can also join this chat for added involvement.

4. How much human interaction do dogs get?

The dedicated staff at Dancing Creek Farm ensures that every dog receives ample human interaction. From warm lavender towels to engaging games and playtime in the spacious pasture, dogs receive personalized attention and affection during their stay.

5. Do they offer discounts for long-term boarding or military deployment?

Absolutely! Dancing Creek Farm offers discounted rates for long-term boarding, applicable for stays of 3 months or longer. Additionally, they understand the unique circumstances of military deployments and offer discounts on a case-by-case basis to support servicemen and women.

6.How are the dogs kept and where do they sleep?

Unlike traditional boarding facilities, Dancing Creek Farm offers over 35 climate-controlled cabins, each with its own fenced yard. Dogs have the freedom to move in and out at any time, ensuring comfort and convenience. The cabins feature elevated Kuranda beds with fresh blankets, providing a cozy and hygienic sleeping environment. Whether a dog prefers solitude or enjoys the company of others, Dancing Creek Farm offers both private and shared accommodations tailored to their preferences.

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