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Best Tips for Dieting




The Internet is loaded with articles related to diet. The minute you type ‘Dieting’ on google, you start getting links like ‘5 day diet plan, 6 week diet plan, 3 week diet plan, high fibre diet plan, wedding diet plan for 6 months, gluten-free diet plan and what not! Let’s just all admit to the fact that dieting sucks! It is not an easy task. Nobody likes to cut their supply of delicious, mouth-watering junk food and start eating a boring healthy meal, well, maybe except for people who are DEAD INSIDE but normal human beings, especially foodies, try to avoid dieting,  

Jokes apart, staying unhealthy is also not an option. Sometimes, it’s important to maintain our body and stay in shape. Our body requires us to have healthy, functioning organs and they’re only as healthy as we keep them. Regardless of your hatred for diet, if you need it, you should do it. Also, it’s not necessary to be bound to eat tasteless food while you’re dieting, there are many different kinds of ways that you can diet and have fun so, to make it a little easy for you, following are some of the tips that you can use while you’re dieting:


Avoid Intake of Too Much Sugar

People often wonder why fat people are into sweets? Well, because, sweets and deserts contain a large amount of sugar. This much sugar intake per day can cause a metabolic syndrome, in which, you have an abnormal gain of weight, which would eventually cause your bones to get weak and your calcium and iron would minimize.

So, the first thing you should act in the diet plan you make is to AVOID SUGAR AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE (or maybe just one chocolate in two months is okay but not more than that). It’s understandable that you can’t just stop your sugar intake all of a sudden but a low sugar diet plan would help you get through it.


Increase Your Water Intake

People often ask ‘how to lose weight when you can’t exercise?’ the answer to this question is in your kitchen. Water. We’ve heard so many theories about water, drink more water and stay healthy, drinking water 8 times a day will lead to a better life, drinking water would help you lose weight etc etc etc.

Just so you know, all of the things you hear about drinking water are true, intake of maximum water per day is one of the most flexible dieting plans. According to a scientific research, you will be able to lose weight by 44% if you drink water half an hour before your meal.


Take High Carb and Low-Fat Foods

If you’re about to be a bride and you NEED to lose your weight ASAP, Crash dieting is the option for you. Crash dieting isn’t as hard as it sounds but you’ll need to work a little extra and in the result, you’re going to get there eventually. In crash dieting, you need to intake food with high carbs such as more vegetables including carrots, cucumber, cabbage soup or grapefruit diet plan can help too.

This way, you’ll be in taking sufficient amount of carbs and low fatty fats. In crash dieting, remember NEVER to eat anything fatty because that will cause the unhealthy growth of fats and abnormal weight gain. If you have a pan, stick to that plan and it will work out!


Reverse Dieting

Diet isn’t only bound to people who want to lose weight, some people diet to get fat and some people make diet plans to gain muscle mass. This type of dieting is called reverse dieting. If you’re looking to increase your weight through diet, there is fat belly diet plan available for that.

When you’re reverse dieting, you need to be in a continuous process of weight loss and then change your routine to gaining weight through healthy eating such as potato diet plan or bulking diet plan.


Diet for Men and Women

One thing we need to be certain about is that men and women have different body structures which means that diet plans for women and diet for men are different. It is easier for women to follow a very low-calorie diet plan but for men, high cholesterol diet plan is more effective.

Some of the best diets for men include super food diet plan, metabolic diet plan, fast metabolism diet plan and potato diet plan. Some of the best diet plans for women include green tea diet plan, almonds dieting, slim fast dieting plan and HCG diet plan.


Dieting for Picky Eaters

No one really likes to diet but dieting for picky eaters is like 50% more tougher than normal people. They always end up worrying about ‘what diet is best for me?’ or ‘why am I not losing weight on low carb diet?’ and many things like that but you guys don’t need to worry because eat fat, get thin diet plan is available for you guys.

In this diet, you are required to eat fat but not junk food fat, but plant-based-diet-plan-fat. This diet includes veggies, nuts, seeds and olive oil. Adding these things to your daily routine diet would create a great difference.

There’s always a fight about healthy eating vs dieting on the internet but you need to know that both these things are almost the same. However, healthy eating is not only recommended when you’re dieting, you always need to eat healthily.

Dieting is hard but by the end of dieting, you feel refreshed and different and you may also want to continue it if it is keeping you healthy inside and out. Remember one thing while you’re dieting, always make cheap meal plans for dieting so that you don’t have to spend TOO MUCH on your diet and you can still remain healthy and happy. Happy Dieting!



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