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Prestashop eCommerce Development Companies Prestashop eCommerce Development Companies


Top 10 Prestashop eCommerce Development Companies in India You Should Know



Prestashop eCommerce Development Companies

“Prestashop eCommerce Development Companies”.PrestaShop is a well-known open-source e-commerce platform that is used by a number of entrepreneurs from all around the world. PrestaShop has its roots back in 2007 in an understudy student-based project in France. It has paved its way since then and has continued to improve its popularity by becoming one of the most commonly used eCommerce business platforms.

The community of PrestaShop users has grown up to more than 1,000,000 users. More than 2.5 lac websites are using PrestaShop as their eCommerce platform, including Salling.DK, French McDonald’s, and many other well-known brands’ websites are among them.

Most certainly, PrestaShop is projected to stay and grow. It has fundamentally worked on the internet business or eCommerce existence of entrepreneurs. What’s more, it will keep on being a power to deal with in the web-based eCommerce business world. This is on the grounds that PrestaShop is loaded with extraordinary highlights that assist with making web store the executives a breeze flowing in. In the event that you are searching for specific users that are absent in other eCommerce platforms, you will doubtlessly discover it when you take up the PrestaShop platform, on account of its rich store of modules, extensions used, additional items, and other outsider reconciliations with third parties.

Technical Requirements helping to operate PrestaShop:

Every eCommerce platform has particular methodological necessities that must be in place before it goes faultlessly. PrestaShop, in this regard, is not an omission.

Here are the technical necessities that your computer system needs to match before you can use the PrestaShop platform efficaciously:

  1. Linux, Mac, and Windows systems
  2. PHP 5.6+, MySQL 5.0+ technologies
  3. Apache 2.x, Nginx, or Microsoft IIS webserver
  4. EasyPHP or WampServer of Windows, OS X prepared packages, and Bitnami or XAMPP for Windows

Fundamental Features of PrestaShop:

Being an open-source Software, PrestaShop is famous for being enriched with multiple new and innovative features which are listed below:

  • Allowing Infinite entries
  • Very simple and elegant import and export of information in CSV layout
  • Inventory management features such as out-of-stock system generated warnings, product tracking, etc
  • Specific shipping approximation
  • Cutting-edge SEO competencies – state-of-the-art administration of meta titles, descriptions, URLs, etc
  • Making of custom campaigns
  • Visitor’s information
  • Customizable checkout process
  • Orders and sales measurements
  • Multi-lingual: supports up to 75 languages at default.
  • Cart desertion reports
  • Customer emails computerization
  • Multiple store administration
  • Advanced search and navigation
  • Big assortment of payment choices: Skrill, PayPal Standard and Pro, WorldPay, Stripe, offline processing, and numerous others
  • Compatibility with an extraordinarily outsized number of third-party assimilations.

Some Advantages of PrestaShop:

  • PrestaShop is very easy to use and manage. It is super easy to generate receipts, create discount vouchers, view sales statistics, and many more
  • The customization tools that come with PrestaShop permit users to finish product business as well as an in-house search engine optimization tool that will aid your customers to circumnavigate in your eCommerce store easily
  • PrestaShop offers the advantage of making IP based store that will help you in the promotion of your products, the discounts offered, and location
  • PrestaShop has a community that works with the software. They speak of their personal experiences on an official platform
  • If you need a clever PrestaShop Programmer for your eCommerce project, there is no better place to search for the finest developers than the PrestaShop community
  • Many modules of PrestaShop are available for use in order to magnify the likelihoods of the extremely popular and exceptional platform
  • It is said to be better than Magento Software
  • It is very user friendly and easy to install because its design is very simple and easy to understand
  • It involves very less investment and hence does not burden the budget of the user
  • PrestaShop also eases the provision to integrate a widespread collection of noticeable applications and services proficiently
  • It has more than 2000 themes and more than 25000 Plugins offering many facilities

Top 10 PrestaShop eCommerce Development Companies in India

The eCommerce web development market is very competitive. And this is just one of the reasons why it is to a certain degree thought-provoking for potential eCommerce store customers to look for the top or most noticeable companies within the eCommerce industry in India.

After having an extensive debate on the advantages and features provided by PrestaShop, it would have been easy for you to make your mind to opt for PrestaShop as your best business judgment. Now, you have to look for the top PrestaShop Development Companies. This can be possible by studying the stats of a company thoroughly. You need to be sure that your selected eCommerce development company is capable and has a thorough experience that can meet your needs at any time or day.

We have assembled below a list of the top 10 PrestaShop eCommerce development companies in India. These conspicuous firms build and deliver captivating eCommerce solutions, thereby providing a first-class shopping experience to their abundant customers.


IndiaNIC is a digital product company with matchless business experience. The primary strong suit of this tech firm is working with Custom Web Development, Mobile Apps Development, eCommerce, and Enterprise Solutions.

Magneto IT Solutions

magneto it solutions - Prestashop ecommerce Development Companies

Magneto IT Solutions is one of the prize-winning eCommerce development companies. The fundamental proficiencies of this firm are mainly in the development of end-to-end complete eCommerce solutions. They are one of the top eCommerce website developers in India.

Magneto IT Solutions have made spectacular online stores as well as extremely unique mobile apps. They use the swift policy to readily develop state-of-the-art user interfaces to build and deliver a flawless experience to the customer. 

It has worked with more than 100+ IT professionals. Magneto IT Solutions helps its clients considerably gauge their eCommerce businesses via the execution of revolutionary digital marketing solutions.

Prometteur Solutions

Prometteur solutions - Prestashop ecommerce Development Companies

Prometteur Solutions is yet another best and well-known web development company in India. They have an experienced team of developers, graphics designers, and digital marketing experts which makes them a one-stop-shop for all your eCommerce development requirements.

Prometteur Solutions readily tailors the IT-related prerequisites of organizations of all sizes; either startup or large business enterprises. The successful projects this firm has delivered are the outcomes of its team’s capability in full-cycle custom software development. They can deal with any size of the project but will make certain that proper consultation is done to capture the scope of the work needed.


selleo - Prestashop ecommerce Development Companies

Selleo has been magnificently delivering specialized tech services for more than 10 years. It has over 150+ software development projects for clients spreading from the United States, Europe, Australia, and Canada – completed. It is in a class of its own. Selleo also builds numerous apps throughout a wide continuum of industries, business dominions, and technologies such as NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, Ember JS, React Native, and Elixir.

If you have a fresh project or you necessitate the delivery of vital features or even want staff with specialized skills or experience, contact Selleo in a heartbeat!


simform - Prestashop ecommerce Development Companies

Simform is another famous India-based custom software Development Company with only one mission that is to help prosperous organizations strengthen their overall tech capability. Simform has been evident in this field and working since 2010. It has a team of more than 300+ IT specialists fully equipped with industry-based experience. The firm has helped business enterprises to lift up their value via Simform’s development services readily.

Simform’s team helps you in deciding the correct processes and structural design to follow. They will also supervise the successful conveyance of all your software projects. All you need to do is run your business and let Simform do the rest of the management!

NCode Technologies, Inc.

ncode technologies - Prestashop ecommerce Development Companies

NCode Technologies, Inc. is one of the top 10 PrestaShop eCommerce development companies in India that work for clients anywhere, regardless of their location, with their software development needs.

NCode Technologies, Inc. emphasizes helping all types of organizations achieve and succeed in their expertise areas. The company makes use of innovative technologies to develop appealing and distinctive software solutions for its clients.

They have facilitated the company to build a remarkable development portfolio during this period. NCode Technologies has a well-coordinated skillful team of 35 specialists who provide state-of-the-art services to all its clients.

Kadam Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

kadam tech

Kadam Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a Software IT Development Company that provides Mobile and Web App solutions to their customers worldwide. They are well known for providing 100 percent satisfaction to the client to retain them for future prospects.

The firm has an in-house team of well-trained and highly coordinated web designers, graphic designers, developers, and even technical project managers. Every member of these teams maintains the highest criterions when it comes to project preparation and accomplishment. Their team is their strength and is always fully devoted to building the picture-perfect website for your organization on budget and on time.

Zealous System

zealous system

Zealous System is a trustworthy and respectable web and software development technology Company on the list. They are identified as one of the best eCommerce website developers in India. They are highly famous for mobile application development for a wide variety of platforms such as Android, iOS, etc. They also provide services using up-to-date technologies such asReact Native, Swift, Flutter, Xamarin, Ionic, and many more.

Zealous System is very passionate about business success. That is the main reason the company clasps agile practices in all the projects they handle for their numerous clients worldwide. If you are looking for a tech firm that turns clients’ concepts into great mobile applications, Zealous System should be your number one choice.

PageTraffic Inc.

page traffic

PageTraffic Inc. does not only build great websites, but they also aid business enterprises get even more value from online media through their websites. The web design services that PageTraffic Inc. offers include New websites, Blog writing, eCommerce websites, redesigning, etc.

All these wish to speed up the development of your business, which is what PageTraffic Inc.’s name indicates!

Fortunesoft IT Innovations


Fortunesoft is a software product eCommerce firm that provides full-cycle software development services for startups and enterprises. They are amongst one of the best eCommerce website developers in India. The company builds, advances, and significantly scales software products across platforms by leveraging highly troublesome technologies in analytics, web, mobile, cloud, Blockchain, and AI.

Fortunesoft has been serving its clients for more than 10 years and has remarkably services more than 150+ happy and satisfied clients worldwide. The company’s portfolio is strong enough as it has completed 500 projects to date. They have keenly focused on their demographics as they are located at many places in India for easy accessibility.

Final Words

The above article encloses some well-known names of PrestaShop eCommerce Development companies situated in India acknowledging that the trend of using PrestaShop is now rapidly growing and is projected to bring fruitful benefits in the future. So, If you’re looking forward to excelling in this field, you’re just an email or a call away from getting the services of giants of PrestaShop Development in India.




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