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TOP WooCommerce CRM Options for WordPress Stores



TOP WooCommerce CRM


WooCommerce is one of the well-known, open-source E-commerce plugins for WordPress. It was mainly designed for small size businesses running online stores, but now it has also been updated for the use of large-scale businesses. Today we are discussing Top Woocommerce CRM.

In the first place, it quickly became popular for its simplicity to install and customize. And made a market position of the base product as free software.

Understanding CRM

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM is a term basically used as a kind of business strategy, a process for handling customer data, and a software product to help manage customer relationships.

What WooCommerce Offers?

The E-commerce industry has seen a significant boom where different e-commerce platforms are helping businesses to grow and scale. Whereas, alone WooCommerce has powered over 3 million websites with almost 39 million downloads. Moreover, it is widely known among popular E-commerce platforms.


WooCommerce has enabled us to make our website management so much easier than before.
WooCommerce serves 4% of the top HTML pages. In the past, statistics show that the percentage of online stores that utilize WooCommerce through’s plugin is more than 30% of all stores. The current market share for WooCommerce is nearly 29% of the top sites using ECommerce technologies.


With numerous WooCommerce-prepared topics sold on outsider sites it makes it hard to precisely assess the number of subjects that can be related to this WordPress module, yet here are some WooCommerce details for the greater topic suppliers. There are almost 1,300 WooCommerce themes on Theme Forest. The theme directory has 1122 WooCommerce themes, which is a huge number of choice guys!


You can add the WooCommerce module to any WordPress site as a plugin and set up another store in minutes. Get secure installments, configurable transportation choices, and the sky’s the limit from there, with an exceptionally less sum or free of charge.
Add features and improve the functionality of your store with official extensions from the WooCommerce Marketplace.


Another main reason for which you should consider it is because it makes managing your website on the go with the WooCommerce Mobile App. it will help in making products, process orders, and keep an eye on key stats in real-time.


WooCommerce is developer-friendly, too.
Moreover, it is scalable and can integrate with virtually any service. Plan an unpredictable store from nothing, expand a store for a customer, or essentially add a solitary item to a WordPress site, and BAM! Your store, your direction.

Best WooCommerce CRM Options for WordPress Stores

How can you choose a Good WooCommerce Platform?

While making choices among various WooCommerce options, you need to make sure that you have chosen the right one according to your WordPress site.


A decent WooCommerce CRM should assist you with comprehension and associate with your clients. In the event that you do this right, this can help you fabricate better connections, hold your clients for quite a while and market to them all the more successfully, and offer them better client service. This thus wins new customers’ appearance too when you fabricate trust among your clients.


So let’s dive in, and see some of the best WooCommerce CRM options for your WordPress store;


wp erp - top woocommerce crm

WP-ERP is a famous WooCommerce plugin used by WordPress. This is made up of different modules, one for their CRM functionality and the other for the HRM and Accounting solutions. They don’t have any cutoff points on anything, so you can make as many sections as you need in every one of the modules. This Open Source CRM is controlled by a straightforward, brilliant, and significant interface that gives client relationships on the board an entirely different feel!

What draws you towards WP-ERP?

Fabricate maintainable associations with your clients, leads, and endorsers. Overseeing customers just got simpler!
Focus on clients utilizing life stages and compartmentalize your administration. React to contacts as per significance and criticalness for more noteworthy effectiveness.


Add updates, data, remarks, messages, and much more to the client’s profile. They’re similar to speedy alerts, achievements of your advancement, and signs which will lead you to significant bits of knowledge.


Pricing: This is Free of cost. More advanced plans begin at $112 per year.
WP-ERP CRM plugin is also a brilliant tool if you plan on having lots of integrations. For instance, it integrates with several email campaign managers, accounting tools, and payment gateways. Finally, you may be able to completely get rid of your accounting software with the WP ERP plugin, seeing as how it has one built-in.


Hubspot - top woocommerce crm

With HubSpot close by, you can deal with your leads and clients, follow and recuperate deserted trucks, send wonderful showcasing messages, construct advertisements that drive deals, and track everything with the hearty examination, and learn to expect the unexpected. The entirety of this is with the expectation of complimentary individuals!


HubSpot is undeniably in excess of a CRM, with a full set-up of highlights for making structures, running live talks on your site, and giving examinations. There’s even an email promoting instrument for conveying computerized messages and pamphlets. It’s anything but an extremely incredible stage and surprisingly the free form has a significant number of instruments that could truly profit your store.


Advantages of HubSpot for WooCommerce:

It is a Free plugin and ‘free forever’ CRM
HubSpot provides visibility of orders and customer behavior
Reporting and analytics tools
Segmentation tools with customization criteria
Abandoned cart recovery tools


Pricing: Free to use, however, HubSpot offers a wide range of other tools that you can opt to pay for.


salesforce - top woocommerce crm


Another WooCommerce CRM module that offers you an entire bundled administration is Salesforce. It joins your promoting, deals, trade, administration, and IT groups from any place with Customer 360, which is a coordinated CRM stage that controls our whole set-up of associated applications. With Customer 360, you can zero in on your workers on what’s significant right presently like, settling your business, resuming, and returning to conveying uncommon client encounters.


With the administration of Salesforce CRM, you can construct your business on a solitary, secure, and adaptable stage that is not difficult to modify and overhaul without anything breaking. Stretch out your ability to sell, administer, and market with pre-coordinated applications on AppExchange, the world’s biggest business application commercial center. Make the experienced workers need to sell quicker and complete more of our Lightning Platform. Demonstrated to drive productivity and development, this set-up of market-driving items two builds incomes and diminishes costs.


Pricing: It is free, but you’re required to pay for a Salesforce account. The plans start at $25 per user per month. Salesforce has dozens of products and suites with varying prices.

Reasons to choose Salesforce

Salesforce comes with lead management options for tracking your leads in the most efficient way possible.

You can check your sales data from the convenience of your Salesforce dashboard.
The productivity is improved through Salesforce by providing visual workflows and file syncing, just to name a few of the features.


ninjodo - top woocommerce crm


Ninjodo offers a perfect and centered CRM with no disarray or mess or heftier projects. The product is intended to expand your deals, deal with your contacts, improve on messages, and get you coordinated. It is known for its noteworthy how-to recordings, live talk backing, and bit-by-bit directs.


Ninjodo is by a long shot one of the least demanding CRMs for WooCommerce. It’s made to be present-day and spotless, not loaded up with a great many highlights. With the assistance of Ninjodo, you can naturally match up your clients and orders from WooCommerce too as you can follow the conveyance work processes and see the orders progressively.


On the off chance that you are not an engineer, No concerns! They have different planner formats all set. You can get live entries and statics, so you can choose when is ideal to reach out. Alter it as per your necessities with your shadings and brand, or alter as you like.
Pricing: It offers 3 pricing plans, the cheapest of which is $49 per month. A 14-day free trial lets you test the plugin.

WP-CRM System

wp-crm system - top woocommerce crm


Another best WooCommerce module for WordPress is WP-CRM System. It permits your group to oversee projects, relegate singular undertakings, track promoting efforts and helps convert your chances into victories. In addition, you can undoubtedly import contacts and different records from your old CRM. Likewise get email refreshes at whatever point a venture or errand you are allocated to is made or altered, don’t miss a thing, folks!


Rapidly make new contacts from existing clients on your site with only a single tick. This module will take existing data like; name, email address, and so forth from the client’s record and add it to the new contact in WP-CRM System. Numerous other CRM’s are facilitated on the CRM organization’s workers, which expects you to keep a functioning membership in control to get to your information. WP-CRM System gives you authority over your information by keeping everything contained on your WordPress CRM site. You own everything and nobody can at any point keep you from it.


It enables you to easily view order history for each contact from within the contact’s record.
The WooCommerce Connect extension will automatically create a new contact in WP-CRM System when customers make a purchase if a customer by that name doesn’t already exist.
New organizations will also be created automatically if the customer enters a company name at checkout.

Pricing: A free plugin for WordPress, however also consists of many advanced paid options.

Sales Autopilot for WooCommerce

sales autopilot - top woocommerce crm


From the name, you can accumulate the thought in regards to its working. Deals Auto-Pilot expands WooCommerce usefulness with promoting and deals mechanization. With this module introduced when orders occur in WooCommerce, it will naturally be saved into the chose SalesAutopilot list.


Sales AutoPilot gives an apparatus to making participation locales with various access levels, a secret phrase update includes, and complete incorporation into your advertising framework. It’s anything but a mind-blowing scope of estimating alternatives, supporting both enormous and private companies. This additionally guarantees that you don’t wind up paying excessively or not getting the right highlights.


It incorporates a one-of-a-kind installment answer for gathering installments from your clients on the web. Thus, even non-ECommerce sites can exploit online deals.
Pricing: $14 per month. This price isn’t all that bad.


It all depends on your email list size. For instance, an email list of 750,000 costs at least $1,598. So, Sales AutoPilot supports all types of companies. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a large corporation or a small startup, Sales AutoPilot has something for you.


readycloud - top woocommerce crm


Are you sick of the limited data that you get from your WooCommerce dashboard? ReadyCloud CRM is here to the rescue! With their integrated dashboard, you’ll see information from all your connected sales channels like WooCommerce, Amazon, eBay, etc. You’ll also have rich reporting, detailed estimations, tasks with alerts, and all the tools you’ll need to put your store into a fast lane from day one.


ReadyCloud WooCommerce CRM software helps your brand deliver an excellent customer experience. This means quick order fulfillment, customer-friendly returns, and great communication throughout. It also guides you every time with built-in tools that help you ship orders fast, makes returns easy and deliver complete visibility for your customers.

Pricing: The cost after the trial is $24 per month.

What more does it offer?

Detailed reporting that you won’t find in your WooCommerce dashboard.
Add multi-carrier shipping and returns with the Premium ReadyShipper and ReadyReturns plugins.

It’s cross-channel, meaning it also connects to platforms like eBay and Amazon.
Has email integrations for MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.
Create tasks, events, view contacts, take notes, and much more!




Metrilo CRM WordPress plugin is famous for giving exciting product brands the tools to grow and to claim territory from the legacy brands in their niches. This software facilitates the profitable growth of digitally native brands and our expertise comes from daily work with successful innovators and founders.

Moreover it;
Measure marketing performance; conversions
Track influencers, channels
Track product performance
Explore individual customer behavior in detail
Segment and target email lists
Send all kinds of email campaigns
Send automated emails based on actions
Track customer retention and drive repeat sales
Gather customer feedback

“I love the clarity of information, it’s a breath of fresh air in the analytics world.”
Spencer Walden
Owner of Chocolab

It’s a premium product designed specifically as an ECommerce CRM so has the tools you need to make your store work better. These tools include email marketing tools, customer retention, analytics, a smart reporting dashboard with insights, store performance table, customer profiles, segmentation options, customer activity tracking, order placement, email automation, and a whole lot more.

What’s not to like? Go ahead and choose it for your WordPress site!
Pricing: Metrilo costs from $99 per month up to $299 per month.

Active Campaign

active campaign


ActiveCampaign is more about the relationship the executives than request following however has some amazing email mechanization apparatuses to help outreach, foster possibilities, track and catch client subtleties, sectioning and focusing on instruments, occasion following, discussion following, and a lot further developed devices around connections.


ActiveCampaign also links with Salesforce so you can combine WooCommerce, ActiveCampaign, and Salesforce into a triumvirate should you want to.

Features of ActiveCampaign:

Customer data import tools
Activity and browsing tracking
Segmentation tools and targeting
Sales funnel tracking
Lots of automation tools

ActiveCampaign for WooCommerce automatically syncs your customers and their purchase data into ActiveCampaign, including abandoned carts and whether or not the customer opted-in to marketing.

Pricing: This WooCommerce CRM plugin costs from $9 up to $229 per month.



Jetpack CRM is made by Automattic, the same people behind and WooCommerce. This was once Zero BS CRM but was bought by Automattic and rebranded. The tool is capable of; managing customer data, tracking purchases, track activity, segmenting them for outreach, viewing and managing orders, viewing order values, shipping status, generating quotes, creating invoices, tracking transactions, and creating reports too.


The Jetpack CRM has all the basic features small business users need. It’s their gift to us. They’re entrepreneurs too and want to give back. People are central to any business. Jetpack CRM keeps your contacts in the middle of everything. It builds up detailed activity profiles enabling you to better serve existing customers, as well as leveraging your data to help find new customers.


JePack works with a range of other plugins like Contact Form 7, Convert Kit, MailChimp and others
Very easy to use
Works within WordPress so data is not exported
Works seamlessly with WordPress and WooCommerce
Very usable setup wizards’

Pricing: Jetpack CRM costs from $11 to $17 per month.


A CRM plugin isn’t necessary to run a store but if you want to grow, engage more with your customers, drive sales and conversions and communicate an impression of a professional store, they can really help.

Hopefully, with this list of WooCommerce CRM options, you can narrow down your search and discover the CRMs that are actually going to sync with WooCommerce and make your ECommerce business run more efficiently. Because don’t forget plugins can have a big impact on website performance.



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