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Discover the Top 5 AI Video Generator Tools of 2023

2023 has been an exciting time for artificial intelligence, with innovative tools emerging daily to make our lives easier.

One remarkable breakthrough is the ability to generate video content within minutes, which once took days.

In this blog post, we will explore the top 5 AI video generator tools of 2023, offering you the best options to create captivating video content effortlessly.

1. InVideo

InVideo’s AI video generator boasts impressive features, securing its place at the top of our list. Its standout feature is the text-to-video generator, which allows you to input your script directly into the editor.

You can use AI to generate your script or write it from scratch. Once your script is ready, click the “Create Scenes” button, and InVideo will compile your text into a full video complete with stock footage and seamless transitions.

The tool also provides free templates for quick video creation, making the process even more straightforward and efficient.

2. HeyGen

HeyGen is another exceptional AI video generator that won our hearts for its simplicity and user-friendliness. With HeyGen, you can effortlessly generate videos from the text by inputting your script and selecting an avatar to read it for you.

The standout feature of HeyGen lies in its avatar customization, offering a vast library of avatars to choose from.

You can also create or upload your unique avatar to make your videos distinctive. Once you hit the “Submit” button, HeyGen quickly brings your creation to life, making it a joy to use.


VEED makes it to our list of best AI video generators due to its comprehensive video editing capabilities.

The tool lets you start from scratch or use one of its numerous premade templates to kickstart your video project. While VEED may not have an extensive library of AI avatars, it compensates with a wide variety of templates easily customized with stock videos and music.

The built-in editing features offer precise tuning capabilities akin to standalone editing applications, enabling you to create remarkable videos in minutes.

4. Pictory

Pictory is fourth on our list with its user-friendly interface and expansive features. Its core function includes text-to-video generation, where you can input your script to create captivating videos.

What sets Pictory apart is the ability to transform an existing blog article into a video by simply inputting the article’s URL. Additionally, the tool provides AI transcription, video editing, and even the option to summarize an existing video or create a collage.

5. DeepBrain

DeepBrain is on our list thanks to its vast selection of AI avatars and seamless ChatGPT integration.

The tool prompts you to initiate your video creation by using ChatGPT to write your script. Whether you need a simple question answered or a more intricate script developed, ChatGPT is there to assist you. Select your preferred template, and create captivating videos with DeepBrain.


These top 5 AI video generator tools of 2023 are revolutionizing how we create video content. Whether you need quick and straightforward video generation or more sophisticated editing capabilities, these tools have covered you.

Try them out and start generating engaging videos effortlessly. Embrace the power of artificial intelligence and take your video content to new heights!

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