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Demand for E-commerce design, development and marketing services during covid-19 reports (q3) industry report

Demand for E-commerce design, development and marketing services during covid-19 reports (q3) industry report

Today we are talking about Demand for ecommerce design, development, and marketing services. As we have observed from the past 3 years that the traditional forms of businesses are almost near to end which has, in turn, contributed towards the growth of online and social media interaction. People prefer more now to sit at home and operate their business because they simply want to enjoy the comfort of home while being at work. It is a matter of fact that Social media and E-commerce shops are undoubtedly the core areas of business these days. And a prominent raise in both their trends have been observed since the pandemic covid-19. 

As we talk about COVID-19, it has been linked with a change in sales composition for more than 65 percent. It has been observed by a survey that more customers have gone online to look for their needs of essential products. 

For instance;

  • Groceries and other basic necessities like poultry are also available online.
  • Shopping for clothes and other accessories has been made easy by shifting the buyers to official websites of brands. Note that they provide appropriate payment methods also, which means that you literally do not need to go anywhere!
  • Many websites are made in terms of specializing in pharmaceuticals and stocking medicinal details.
  • Health and hygiene products are also now available via the internet keeping in mind they are the most demanded commodity today due to pandemics.
  • Almost every restaurant has its online website and delivery facility also because no restaurant can afford to be empty and to want to close. 
  • Financial services like bank loans are also available and you can apply online.

Above stated are the sales categorization which has witnessed the largest increment in the COVID-19 disastrous crisis through online marketplaces. It would not be wrong to say that we become lazy surely if we are facilitated in any sort. This will also show a rise in escalated health issues in the near future.

Growth in E-payments During Pandemic 

If we talk about online businesses, payments are also being done online through accounts and cards. Likewise, e-payments have experienced fast growth, but cash on delivery remains prominent. Almost 60 percent of e-commerce companies and 70 percent of online branded, as well as private third-party marketplaces, are seeing relatively higher growth rates in mobile money payments, as this is no hidden fact that people are preferring the things Covid-19 brought to the business world. 

Increase in Demand for new online-based firms:

Moreover, if we talk about the digital world, COVID-19 has accelerated the increase of e-commerce towards new firms, customers, and types of products. Because working with the internet eliminates all kinds of limitations and helps you reach far and wide without any restrictions.

Website design and development has been increasing day by day, people are preferring to enhance their business’s fame by creating websites. It has facilitated customers by providing access to a plethora of products from their safe and secure homes. Moreover, it has helped agencies to continue their business activities in spite of strikes and other issues.

Demand for Digital business has improved since Covide-19:

As now we are fond of this situation and lockdowns became the new normal, many businesses and consumers are also now convinced about doing digital activities of business than that of traditional business. Moreover, online business has provided encouragement to purchase more goods and services online, which has in turn raised Ecommerce’s share of universal retail trade from 14% in 2019 to about 17% in 2020. 

A recent report has included, UN General Assembly President Volkan Bozkir said that the increased ratio of E-commerce business is likely to continue even after the end of COVID-19. 

Variance witnessed across e-commerce markets since lockdown: 

If we talk about the analysis provided by COVID-19 Commerce Insight, based on the transaction data of 2,500 brands, across 100 countries around the world, the E-commerce firms are so far holding up well in Europe and the United States, however, Asia and Nigeria show a continued decline in online sales.

However, it would be correct to say that where E-commerce has proven itself among consumers, there has been a great tendency to shift in, again and again, to purchase online. Ecommerce markets that are not developed properly were not ready enough to give a response.

Emerging markets are suffering more: 

It is still very nascent to track down the effect on retail and E-commerce in the newly emerging marketplace. Initial interviews and news from other markets, for instance, Tunisia, indicate that home delivery services have become increasingly popular, which may indicate a change of purchasing habits. African entrepreneurs are finding demands to beat the COVID 19 crisis. 

Founder of a trading group and online platform Organic Trade & Investments in Ghana shows an increase in demand for personal hygiene and tidiness and basic foodstuffs and edibles that she sources locally and markets online nationally and internationally. She says, ‘We are focusing on essential and incessant products and recommended our suppliers in that area to be ready.  Two fast-moving essential products are the Aloe vera gel and alcoholic hand sanitizers. The per month production of the above-stated products is about 5 tons. Other commodities for example shea butter, cocoa butter, and African black soap are also having high demand. We are getting ready in terms of inventory stock to supply the market, no matter international or local, with all edible commodities (rice, fonio, sesame seeds, soybeans, etc. After the advent of this crisis, We have already received innumerable orders from international importers and local exporters for our crops and field products. We are well aware that there could be a major food crisis but if we are fully prepared, we can fight together to overcome and then eradicate it.’

The COVID-19 has served as an accelerator for greater public-private cooperation: 

Access to financing for e-commerce businesses remains a paramount obstacle to economic recovery and growth. Moreover, the COVID-19 has urged action in the e-commerce sector. As much as 40 percent and more of the respondents’ businesses have been or are involved in either public-private sector collaboration initiatives or pure private sector ones. For those who are not a part of this, lack of awareness of the initiatives and limited professional networks were the main reasons. Only 14 percent of all respondents managed to obtain more funding. While 65 percent of the businesses surveyed had tried to obtain additional financing, only one out of five had been successful. Respondents have highlighted the need for e-commerce enabling measures in COVID-19 recovery plans. For the majority of the survey respondents, having a well-defined national-commerce strategy was seen as a top priority for the COVID-19 recovery plans. Reduced costs for Internet and broadband access, as well as for mobile and other electronic payments were the other top measures recommended to be taken to support the economic recovery. International cooperation and a strong multi-stakeholder partnership are needed to boost countries’ efforts for inclusive E-commerce development. UNCTAD is well poised to mobilize the trade for all partnerships to support developing countries and LDCs’ COVID-19 recovery plans. Building on a successful track record of implementation of recommendations outlined in trade Readiness Assessments.

Moreover, UNCTAD is working with many partners, including United Nations Resident Coordinators, to ensure that e-commerce is mainstreamed into national development plans and development partners’ development cooperation frameworks. 91.2% of respondents reported an increase in demand for at least one area of website design and development services. Remote work has driven demand for web security and “conversation-centric features.”

The COVID pandemic drove many businesses to put more effort into their online presence, with web design and development proving to be one of the fastest-growing digital industries. 

Some of the major website design, development, and market services providing companies

It is a matter of fact that technology nowadays has become very vast, we can obtain assistance regarding almost every delinquent matter. No one has time to spend hours and days on the internet creating the desired project when you could just hire an individual or can get your work done by relevant companies.

As we discussed above, our online presence is essential in order to complete a project. The last thing you want to do is spend months looking for someone who can build it. In this article, we are going to exchange our thoughts regarding the best WordPress agencies, which will help you achieve your desired result. 

  • Digital Silk:

digital-silk - ecommerce design

Digital Silk is a highly-rated world-class digital agency focused on Creating Superior digital Experiences. They work with top brands in B2B and B2C, including HP, Microsoft, etc, which makes them automatically a trustful choice among others. 

They ensure to allocate a team of industry experts on each project to avoid any discrepancy and ensure that the work is in accordance with that of the choices of the customers. Their services include; Brand & digital Strategies, Custom Web & App Development, and Cutting-Edge Software Development. Their bottom line is to focus on generating measurable results each month for their clients.

Founded: 2017

Pricing Policy: $125/hr.

  • Dotlogics-Inc:

dot-logics - ecommerce design

Dotlogics moto explains every detail itself “We Help You Grow”. It serves as a complete platform one can provide for the WEB Development. Their team of highly qualified experts is one step ahead when you need to grow, to know your brand. The world’s in a different place today, and you need to adapt to continue to grow. 

When it comes to designing a perfect site or even scaling up your business and increase your sales, Dotlogics-Inc is the topmost agency that comes into account. Competition in the world has become fierce and now everyone is keen on winning and hiring the most expensive agencies for their growth and development. But sometimes it is not the cost, it is the quality that matters, and Dotlogics assure your content to be unique, extraordinary, and error-free. They make sure to stand by the expectations of their clients every time they are given any task.

Founded: It was founded in2007.

Pricing Policy: The price policy revolves around $125/hr.

  • SmartSites:

Smartsites  - ecommerce design

SmartSites is an award-winning website design and digital marketing agency. In a short span of time, it became one of America’s fastest-growing companies. SmartSites focuses on their client’s needs the most which has led them to over 100 5-star reviews since their incorporation.

SmartSites is famous for providing services in WordPress development as well as SEO, Web Design, E-commerce Development, Digital Marketing, etc. Their work is without question, excellent and according to the needs of the customers. A combination of highly qualified experts facilitates you in every possible aspect of your need. Their motto is to shape the customer’s dream into a reality which they do every time diligently.

Founded: It was founded in the year 2011.

Pricing Policy: The price policy revolves around $100/hr.

  • Admios:


Famously known as Nearshore Software Development Agency, Admios can provide excellent services to their customers which include, Fast and Easy Recruiting, Team-Based Talent, Custom Software Development, and Project Management.

Admios has developed quite a name in the field of WEB development, it facilitates you also in QA & Testing. It has some unique features regarding support and Maintenance of the website also. These features make this Software development agency the appropriate choice for clients. They work with startups, growth stages, and public companies to provide the clients services according to their requirements. It would be a great choice if you select this as one of your WordPress agencies, as its ratings plus reviews are pretty compelling too.

Founded: It was founded in the year 2005.

Pricing Policy: The price policy revolves around $55/hr.



UPCODE is a Customer-focused, Quality-driven Digital Marketing & WEB-Design Agency. They have been developing websites for years. From small scale to large companies. Across all agencies and markets, in Nashville and other US cities, UPQODE adopts new technologies and can guarantee a clean coding, mobile-responsive layout with a smooth development process.

They are also known for providing SEO services to turn your site into an effective channel of lead generation for your business. When working with its SEO agency, you can get a dedicated team for keyword research, competition audit, on-page, and off-page optimization also.

Founded: It was founded in the year 2015.

Pricing Policy: The price policy revolves around $75/hr.

  • Exemplifi:


Exemplifi is a rather well-known agency for building customized sites as instructed by their customers, not to forget the fact that it is top-rated too. It serves your customers in accordance with the latest web standards. Sites today have to be fast, multilingual, and personalized, moreover, they have to focus on leads and nurture relationships. Exemplify does that well.

Its breadth all over the world helps us to guide our customers on what is best for them. It serves fully as a true web development firm, as they execute their projects with a keen eye for every single detail. Exemplify serves diverse industries and has helped clients navigate complex consumer journeys and tackle regulatory challenges.

Founded: It was founded in the year 2018

Price Policy: The price policy revolves around $75/hr.

However, as news of COVID-19 spread and as it was officially declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization WHO, people responded by stocking up. The medical stores were being rubbed off and people were buying these medical supplies like hand sanitizer and masks and household essentials like toilet paper and bread. YES! And in no time it was seen that all the brick and mortar and online stores were struggling to fulfill the demands of the people, and price overcharging for supplies became common. Even then people were not stepping back, they were ready at any cost to stock up themselves. 

As we know that humans respond to crises in different ways. One is that the worldwide spread of COVID-19 has been accompanied by a lot of uncertainty and at times conflicting information. When people are hearing differing advice from multiple sources, they have a greater mindset to approve or compare that info with other ones. Moreover, there is the crowd mentality that has led to confusion about what is exactly true and what is not to be believed. 

People see each other, one is stocking up for an uncertain situation so the other one also increases panic and starts to worry that he has to buy and stock himself up at every cost. However, changes in revenue have been observed at a great deal too. While E-commerce sales do not generally appear to be so high in the start, as one might expect. However, in subscription and convenience services it has been seen a significant upward trend in both revenue and conversion. 

Final words:

Many companies are tracking the effects of COVID-19 on ecommerce Website design, development, and marketing services all of which come in the form of  E-commerce. Since a number of specific sectors by monitoring and comparing data from select businesses from different years, observations and conclusions are made by the officials in order to understand effects Covid-19 has caused in these years.

Hope so, Get top trends helps you a lot to providing you deep research information about Demand of  ecommerce design, Development and Marketing services.




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