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Elon Musk Decided to Change the Logo of Twitter to X

Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter, announced another microblogging platform policy change, shocking fans. Through his official Twitter handle, the billionaire founder of SpaceX revealed his intention to abandon the familiar Twitter logo and, in the future, even phase out the iconic birds synonymous with the platform.

Musk tweeted a gleaming image of an X on Twitter and challenged the community: “If a good enough X logo is posted tonight, we’ll make it go live worldwide tomorrow.” The News International reported it.

The cryptic news of changing the logo of Twitter to X left many wondering about Twitter’s new direction. Let’s see the excitement among the Twitter community.

This development comes after Musk took control of Twitter last year, following a colossal $44 billion acquisition of the company, which he merged into a new entity named X Corp. Since his takeover, users have expressed increasing dissatisfaction with the platform and Musk’s policies.

Logo of Twitter with X, by elon musk

Among the controversial changes that followed Musk’s leadership were the layoff of several Twitter employees and the introduction of a subscription-based system for obtaining verification checkmarks.

Previously, verification checkmarks were freely provided to certain users deemed “verified” by the platform, but now they are made available to anyone willing to pay a fee.

More recently, Musk announced a limitation on the number of daily tweets users could see, adding to the growing list of alterations that have raised concerns among Twitter users.

As Musk unveils his plan to eventually bid farewell to the Twitter brand and its iconic birds, it remains to be seen how the platform’s loyal user base will respond to this latest move and what implications it might have for the future of Twitter’s identity and functionality.

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