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Netflix CEO Giving Entertainment Pills In Future



Netflix is one of the most powerful entertaining company around the globe, providing endless entertainment services to customers for years. Somehow it has become a household that offers TV shows and movies streaming. The CEO of the company Reed Hastings has an eye on future where he is looking forward to an entertainment pill instead of watching shows in front of TV. Yeah! In a recent interview, the CEO Reed Hastings says that

“They licked envelopes for DVD-by-mail, slowly transitioned to streaming, and then started to make their own content when they couldn’t get what they wanted from studios”

So, the question arises, what would Netflix hold in future? Hastings continues this by saying, the future of Netflix could be a VR, a game or it could be even a pharmacological. He explains this phenomenal by bringing mind to an entertainment drug which viewers could experience anytime without getting into the hassle of downloading, WOW!.

The engineers are not directed to get into chemistry lab for the manufacture of the pill but Hasting has still made his mind open new doors for entertainment.





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