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10 Fastest Growing Companies in US 10 Fastest Growing Companies in US


10 Fastest Growing Companies in US



Too fast is too hard to stop!


We’ve listed the 10 fastest growing companies in US that have set up new boundaries for business. Let’s meet US fastest Growing companies in 2016.


According to Inc. 5000, we are listing the top 10 fastest-growing companies of 2016.

Loot Crate 

Loot Crate is Los Angeles-based Company; providing subscription box services in over 35 countries. The box contains mysterious items from the best pop culture. Hence, their core products are games, gadgets, arts, etc. Loot Crate subscription boxes are for every fandom, enthusiast group, and geeks.


Loot Crate was founded in 2012 by Chris Davis and Matthew Arevalo has listed as the top this year in Inc. 5000 for its uncertain subscription box service economy that succeeds their business.


The company has earned immense revenue of 66,788 percent in three years to $116.2 million in 2015

loot crate

Paint Nite

If you want to experience a different night out then Paint Nite is the best option. This company located in Somerville, MA has a huge love for arts. Daniel Hermann and Sean McGrail the two co-founders love going out to bars after work.


Moreover, they book local artists to host painting events at nightclubs and bars around US. The company organizes an event every month and call all the local artist and art lovers into local bars and nightclubs to get the most exciting paint night out with amazing people.


Paint Nite has grown 36,555 over the past three years to $55 million.

Fastest Growing Companies in U.S.

CalCom Solar

A solar system provider company based in Visalia CA working in dairy farms, fields and water districts to build solar power projects. Their each project takes 7 acres area, provides one-megawatt energy which lightens up more than 500 homes. The company is growing rapidly since it is founded.


Their revenue has grown to 31,633 percent to more $33.5 million in 2015 which is predicted to get double this year

Fastest Growing Companies in U.S.

eluxury Supply is the most trusted internet eCommerce retail company for home, bath, bedroom, and garden products. They are quickest in marketing new products with a customer service focus. Hence, the company was founded in 2009 in the garage of Marine Paul – the founder of the company.


The powerful management system of eLuxarySupply has proven it the fastest-growing company in US. their revenue has reached up 23,619 percent of more than $30.6 million in 2015.

Fastest Growing Companies in U.S. is a resource hub for small businesses in US. This firm interacts with employees, retailers, distributors and other partners. They also sell tools such as payment solution and legal assistance.


The company has launched its business since seven years ago and has grown its sales to more than $33 million in 2015.

Fastest Growing Companies in U.S.

Globalization Partners

Globalization Partners was founded with the mission of eliminating barriers to global business, by making it easy for companies to hire overseas. For companies who want to hire employees in overseas countries, and skip the hassle of figuring out local labor laws and registering a full subsidiary before an employee is hired.


Globalization Partners offers Outsourced Global Employment, via our Global Employer of Record Platform, whereby Globalization Partners hires the employee of a clients’ choice on our locally compliant payroll and assigns services of the employee back to the client. However, our platform transforms global payroll into a simple monthly invoice. Our Global Employer of Record Platform makes it easy to hire employees overseas with minimal time and expense.


The company listed at No. 6 on this year’s Inc. 5000, with $17.7 million in 2015 revenue, an increase of 16,196 percent since its first year of business in 2012.

Fastest Growing Companies in U.S.

Bounce Exchange

The New York-based Bounce Exchange, or BounceX, is a behavioral automation software and analytics provider, which aims to tailor the behavior of client websites to the engagement of users. The idea is that if users have a better experience online, they will be more likely to make a purchase or sign up for an email newsletter. CEO Ryan Urban, who co-founded the company with Namik Abdulzade, Andreas Spartalis and Cole Sharp, says the strategy translates into greater conversion rates for clients. That’s also helped propel the company’s own business, which saw its sales grow to $15.7 million last year, up 14,574 percent from $107,216 in 2012.

Fastest Growing Companies in U.S.

Los York 

A tv agency, call themselves creative and believing in doing all stuff under one roof. Los York is aimed to integrate strategies, creative ideas, content creation and digital media distribution to create content for tv, digital media, social media and live broadcasts.


The successful teamwork has moved this agency to the highest growing company of US. the agency touches nearly $15.6 million revenue in 2015.

Fastest Growing Companies in U.S.

PANTHERX  Specially Pharmacy

PANTHERx is a pharmacy provides medicine and care for patients afflicted with rare diseases in US. Patients with HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis, or hypophosphatasia are unable to go to regular pharmacy medicines made for small populations. While earning a 13,380 percent three-year growth rate, Gordon Vanscoy, CEO, and co-founder, was able to grow PANTHERx’s revenue to $42.4 million last year.

Fastest Growing Companies in U.S.

FedBiz IT Solutions 

FedBiz IT Solutions, LLC, is a privately-held veteran-owned, women-owned and SBA Certified HUBZone for small business. The mission is to offer the “Best in Class” Information Technology and Emerging Technology services and products. It also specializes in providing expert-level Capture and Proposal Consulting Services for the Federal Sector marketplace. FedBiz IT supports the internal proposal team with additional resources. We provide services across a broad range of market segments including IT professional services, enterprise storage systems, telecommunications, physical and IT security, marketing, and many others.


The revenue of the company was $25.8 million in 2015.

Fastest Growing Companies in U.S.



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