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10-signs-your-website-need-improvment 10-signs-your-website-need-improvment


10 Signs Your Website Needs Improvement



Think of your website as a puppy. You know, that puppy you always wanted for your birthday, but your parents always had second thoughts about. They would tell you that getting a puppy requires a whole lot responsibility.  You would need to feed it, groom it, play with it, take it on walks, and most importantly, take it to the vet for regular checkups. Yikes! That’s a lot of responsibility. Well, your website requires the same degree of care and affection.

It’s not enough that you have a website. You should be constantly looking for ways to keep your website at its finest. You know regular updates, new content and bug fixes. Things like that. Otherwise, you’re looking at a website that is neglected and you don’t want your website to feel neglected, do you? Of course, you don’t. But how do you know whether your website needs improvement? Here are ten signs that your website needs improvement.

Not Optimized for Mobile Users

A lot of internet users are actually using their mobile phones for browsing. In fact, 91% of mobile users say that accessibility to content from their mobile phone is very important. If you want maximum success for your website, make sure that your web page is mobile-friendly. Also for best practice example follow

Content Overload


Do you have a lot of information on your website? If the answer is yes, then perhaps your website can use some compression. Information is good, but too much of it is just suffocating. Do not overwhelm visitors with too much content. No one wants to spend time reading or struggling to find specific information. This can prompt users to leave your page. Keep information clear and concise.  Sometimes less is better.

Doesn’t Appeal to Your Target Audience

Picture your target audience. Now imagine yourself as a part of that audience browsing your website. Do you like what you see? Have you found what you’re looking for?  If you’re struggling, then it’s more than likely your visitors are doing this too.


Your website should be tailored to meet their expectations. Ensure the content on your website is relevant to a specific market. Don’t just spam visitors with useless information. This will reason enough for them to hit the ‘close’ button.

Weak Call to Action

Once again, your website should have a purpose. It should drive visitors to action and increase conversion rates. If your page is falling behind in the conversion rate department then the most probable culprit for this deficiency is your call to action strategy. Do you have enough buttons, links, images and imperative verbs on your website that will encourage people to take action?

Signs Your Website Needs Improvement

If no, then you should go back to the drawing board. Keep in mind that everyone reacts differently to different CTAs, so it’s best to have a bit of variety.

Takes Too Long to Load

If you want to drive visitors away from your web page then a lagging website works like a charm. But I’m sure that’s not your aim, right? If your page is taking too long to load then your website is in dangerous waters.  Loading issues are the first sign that your website that needs improvement. Half of internet users expect a web page to load in less than two seconds. If you fail to meet this expectation, then you risk losing many potential and existing visitors.

Poor Navigation

The truth is, when people visit a website they expect to find information quickly and easily. They don’t want to have to open numerous links only to end up facing a brick wall. Make sure your website is easy to navigate around. And no, good navigation is not just about having a drop-down menu. If your clients are asking about information that is already available on your website, then maybe you need to get some professional IT help to review your web page navigation. For best example please visit

Outdated Information


There’s no clearer sign that your website needs improvement than outdated information. The first thing you should check is your contact information. For instance, does your website list the correct contact email addresses, telephone numbers, and location? If not, you should definitely update this information, to show your visitors that you value them.

Dull Layout

It is crucial that your website incorporates a lot of colors, images, and easy-to-read texts as part of your web design. If not, you risk getting negative first impressions from users. Did you know that users usually only need about 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds in case you were wondering) to decide whether they like your website or whether they will abandon ship? So, make sure that the layout of your website is appealing enough for users. Additionally, statistics reveal that a staggering 94% of users say websites that are well-designed are more trustworthy. Consequently, page design and layout is important and if you’re having trouble, it’s okay to get some help.

Low Conversion Rate

Conversion rates refer to users taking some sort of action beneficial for your business. This can include sales, membership registrations, newsletter subscriptions and activity on social media, among other things. On average, your website should bring in about 2% of conversion rates. But of course, you should always strive for more. If your conversion rates are lower than this, then a website overhaul is long overdue.

Missing Links

Including relevant links on your website are important if you want to keep visitors interested. Links to social media pages, subscriptions and newsletters are a great way to retain current and future interest. Make sure they are readily available and easy to find. In case your website doesn’t have relevant links, then now’s the time for revision.

Do any of these telltales ring a bell? If so, it is definitely time to look for an appropriate solution to your website problem. Remember, a website requires just as much attention, care and responsibility as taking care of a puppy. The more you care about it, the more happiness and fulfillment it will bring to your life. Start making improvements today and enjoy the fulfillment tomorrow!




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