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7 Things Social Media Professionals Can't Ignore 7 Things Social Media Professionals Can't Ignore


7 Things Social Media Professionals Can’t Ignore In 2017



The number of social media users is increasing every year. Social networks try to keep people interested in finding new ways to surprise and entertain them. In 2016 there were a lot of changes in the social media industry. The new features appeared and brought new opportunities.

Definitely, you can’t predict what innovations to expect for sure in 2017. But the experts already have some ideas. Keep reading to stay tuned to new social media trends.

Paid Content Growth

Social network users pay a lot of attention to the material they see in their feed. No wonder platforms started to use algorithms that sort the content more strictly. While this system makes customers happy, it becomes more difficult for brands to become popular.

For example, when users like your business page, they will not see the new posts automatically unless they change the settings manually. Thus, in 2017 more marketers are likely to choose paid content over organic one to promote their businesses.

LinkedIn Changes

LinkedIn is the most popular social network among business owners and entrepreneurs. If you are still not registered on this platform, it is better to find a good LinkedIn profile sample to create an account for your business or career development.

According to experts’ predictions, it is more likely that in 2017 LinkedIn will continue its advancement improving the advertisement platform. So far, Twitter and Facebook are considered to be better B2B tools, but LinkedIn has a lot of perspectives this year.

Instagram Development

The popularity of Instagram is growing. This network has one of the best user engagement levels and new features appear constantly. No wonder experts predict 2017 to become the year of Instagram. A new promotion feature for shopping is expected to appear attracting new brands to try it out.

This will allow highlighting about five products and providing customers with further details leading them to a shopping page. Hence, Instagram Shopping is expected to become a new trend of 2017 making this network more appealing for businesses.

360° Videos

As immersion is what people need, 360° content is likely to become a new trend of 2017. Maybe, it is due to GoPro cameras spreading. People will make more and more 360° videos to share emotions and impressions with their friends on social networks.

Businesses could also benefit from this feature filming their goods and showing them to the customers to evoke interest in the product.

Live Streaming for Business

The tendency of making live videos became viral in 2016. The audience chooses live streaming because of the feeling of involvement. However, it turned out to be so exciting that a lot of TV viewers decided to change their TV subscriptions for social ones.

Live streaming is still in the stage of development. Previously, it was used by a lot of social media personalities, but in 2017 it is likely to be used for business also. Surely, it is a great way to make a brand more convincing and reach your audience very fast.

Interactive Content

High-quality content is no longer a priority. It is a must-have. In 2017 to win readers’ attention, there should be more engagement and interaction. Users love to make choices that change the results of the content.

Quizzes have already become popular in the last year, now this tendency may spread to the videos as well. The brand is more memorable when people are involved and can influence the content. Also, they are eager to share the results with their friends as the experiences could be different. This is more beneficial for a business.

More Chatbots

Customer service is one of the key priorities of any business. Every year the number of client’s messages increases and demands less and less response time. More and more companies start to use artificial intelligence in customer service and chatbots are likely to become a real trend of 2017.

Automated customer service was already used by Facebook Messenger and Slack showing great results. It is a fast way to answer the most common questions and provide product information immediately. So, these were the seven essential points social media professionals do not ignore in 2017 for better social marketing.



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