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9 Reasons Why Single Page Web Apps Are Here To Stay 9 Reasons Why Single Page Web Apps Are Here To Stay


9 Reasons Why Single Page Web Apps Are Here To Stay



All of a sudden single page web apps have become a hot new technique to allow all related content on one page. A similarity to the old design of hosting several pages with a hierarchal layout, such sites have the same navigation techniques or some other familiar website practices. The stark difference comes in the form of no folders or references to other indexed content when you check out the URL.

Ease of Response

There actually seem a lot of advantages of using single page web apps or sites, specifically addressing the problems faced in browser vs. device compatibility issues. The issues of on-screen visibility and reaction required by tablets, phones, iPad, iPod etc. can be solved by a design where all the content is on the same navigational dimension. Multi-processing compulsions from low level devices cannot be expected, hence, having the goods on one page can ease the transition and reaction practice.

Comprehensive Product Display

A lot of single pages websites are using two means for branding on such sites. Either it is a way to promote a single product or another method to advertise secondary business initiatives through promotions on this page

Seamless Navigation

Scrolling becomes easier, since all clicks land you back on the same page through navigational means.

Simple Design Leads to Simple Coding

A favorable result of single page apps or sites is that there is no requirement for heavy duty technology involvement.
Of course there are always some nitty-gritty issues in new tech stuff:

Stylish Design Quality

The swapping flashy gimmicks of single page websites are much more attractive than the mundane multi pages sites, rendering it a design quality not available in the orthodox layout previously.

Content Management

Content will, and always be the game changer in the site. Single page layouts allow all the material to be on display in a single layout, hence allowing a sweeping glance on everything the company has to offer. This reduces the amount of time the client takes to browse and of course becomes a win-win situation for the business and the client.

User Satisfaction

The gratifying felling the user gets form a response-easy single page website is enough to make him/her come back again and again to enjoy this experience. In return, the programmer is able to create addictive feedback loops to instill creative and enjoyable actions.

Higher Conversion Rates

The advantage not only comes in user gratification but also business promotion due to more downloads expected by the user. Growing online community and selling more products is the main aim or goal of web site development. This is where the single page websites really show their strength. They lead the customer to the ultimate goal of garnering more business by more click-through and download.

Cheaper Investment

Single page applications hold a great investment edge over conventional methods. They not only cost less to build but also require less maintenance expenditure. A great looking single page site can be delivered to the customer in just a couple of weeks at a really low price. A nice example is “Impress”, which was built in a period of two weeks for a cost of $5000, much more competitive than huge sums conventional sites demand.

So is Single Page Web Apps the Way to Go

Does this trend seem like it’s the new big thing in the world of web designing….. Absolutely yes!!!!! It is common sense to understand that one size does not fit all, so to be able to get a great return for your money, improving upon the single page web apps concept can actually bring forward something more innovative and eye-catching than previously experienced. Not only do single page web application sites look gorgeous on hand-held devices, they are actually pretty easy on the eyes for desktop viewing too.

More and more users are promoting and sharing these sites as compared to the multi-page ones. With so many advantages, designers shrugging away from this hot new trend are living in a fool’s paradise. The attractive prowess and the dynamic features of single page apps are enough to melt down any orthodox design gurus to joining the single page app bandwagon.



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