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Online Employee Training Software: Top 10 Must-have Features for 2017



Investing in employees is one of the smartest investments a firm can make. Employees are the backbone of any organization and it is simply unaffordable for any business to leave these assets on their own in regards to their professional development. That is why employee training programs matter and exist.

Fortunately, integrating technology solutions and the experience gained in over several decades of training program practice. However, software developers have come up with online employee training solutions.

While having this solution at our disposal is very convenient, choosing from the innumerable options offered on the market are not. For this reason, we have decided to compile a list of essential features you should look for when choosing an online employee training software.

Easy to Use

I will start with one feature that sums up the entire experience of using online training software. This software has to be designed for ease of use. Even people with minimal technical knowledge should be able to use this software with no major obstacles whatsoever.

Moreover, the smooth and fast onboarding to new software means that organizations save both time and money since they don’t have to train employees on how to use the training software.

Advanced Course Authoring Tools

One of the most important features this software must-have supports content management. This way, the course authors can diversify the content found in the courses and make them more interesting and informative for employees.

This content can be anything from word articles and PDFs to videos, images, slide shares, and slide presentations. However, the authoring tools also allow management and updating existing course materials,0 as well as the integration with other resources that will increase the course’s quality.

Mobile Ready

Mobile learning is the future of online training. In our scenario, it means that organizations won’t have to invest in a new infrastructure since employees will be able to access courses via their smartphones or other mobile devices. They will be able to learn at their own pace, even while they are commuting.

For course authors, this means that they can access authoring tools on the go and make the necessary updates. Since everything is in the cloud, organizations don’t have to worry about security, since all security protocols are provided by the online training software vendor.

Tin Can API

Make sure to check if the online training software you are about to subscribe to is powered by Tin Can API. Tin Can API is a new software specification used to capture and record the learning activities of people participating in online courses.

Hence, it is far more flexible and advanced than the old one – SCORM. Online employee training software powered by Tin Can API offers more analytics, precise data, and room for improvements.

On top of that, Tin Can API can be extended to capture the learning experience offline and outside of the web browser. It is a great way to track both formal and informal learning. And, we know that the latter one more frequently takes place in organizations.


Gamification has quickly become a standard in the in the eLearning industry. This is mainly because of its ability to capture and hold attention and, above all, increase engagement. In this way, organizations can ensure that their workers are eagerly consuming the course materials and that they will get the best results, compared to the time invested.

Some of the most efficient gamification techniques with online learning software include points, rewards, leaderboards, levels, and badges. Look for software solutions that will allow you to completely customize the gamification options in order to adjust them to your goals and employees.

Powerful Analytics and Reports

Training software has to have analytic tools. Hence, we are not talking about analytic tools that could give you information about who enrolled in a course, did he or she complete it, and what was their score.

Besides, you want to find online training software whose analytic features can provide you with more valuable insights. For instance, what are the pain points of each course, which part, of course, takes the most time to be completed etc. With these tools, you will be able to improve courses and provide the best learning experience for your employees.

Certification Management

When you are transitioning the training procedure from the physical into the digital world, you want to take care of the certification and grading process, too. Modern online training tools have features that empower you to create your own custom grading system and automate custom course completion certificates.


Online employee training software should be able to allow you to completely brand your training programs. Every course material should be customizable through the interface so that you can insert the right color palette, logo, or video.

Furthermore, you should be able to customize the feel and the look of the course to reach the desired effect. This is very important during the onboarding process of new hires when organizations want their new employees to quickly identify courses with their new company and get adjusted to the company culture.

User Management

Data security is a very important aspect of the digital age. Since most of the course materials will contain business-sensitive information. You want to choose an online employee training software vendor who has a top-notch cloud server and whose software allows user privilege rights management. This way, you will be able to assign who has the rights to access which course in particular.

Communication Tools

Communication is very important in the learning environment. It ensures the transaction of valuable information and it helps to clear out some gray areas in the course. Modern training software has features that enable communication via forums and emails. This way, the interactivity of the course can be increased, thus making the ground for learning more fertile.

Thanks to the development of technology, we can now enjoy the perks of these online training software features. If you want the best experience and results both for your company and your employees, you will have to invest in online training software solution that integrates all of the features mentioned in this article.



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