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Top 5 Apps That Have Revolutionized Finance Industry Top 5 Apps That Have Revolutionized Finance Industry


Top 5 Apps That Have Revolutionized Finance Industry



According to a survey conducted, it is estimated more than 11,500 startups are going to rule the industry by the year 2020. More and more apps are launched on an everyday basis that is continuously revolutionizing finance industry. What was once considered unapproachable, those out-of-box ideas are now getting augmented throughout the world.  The invention of smartphones has been the biggest game changer pertaining to how all major tasks have been eased out making them hassle free.

Here are listed 8 such chosen apps that have revolutionized the finance industry bringing about turn in events.


With the aim of bringing a revolution in the working of the finance industry, Revolut can well be termed as a game changer. Revolut is a smartphone app that allows individuals to spend money in more than 90 currencies. The users are provided best exchange rates. This app allows the consumer to link their pre-paid Mastercard to itself and assists them by showing the current exchange rates used around the world. This app allows in spending money abroad without adding any extra foreign exchange fees.

So no more worries about currency change and exchange rates. With Revolut with you travel anywhere without worry of currency exchange.


In this tech savvy world, when each and everything is provided with just a click, Chime is truly a game changer in the daily workings of finance. The customers are provided with a Visa debit card, a bank account. The users are also provided an option to automate their savings. The customer need not worry about monthly fees or overdraft fees. Provision is also provided where the users are cordoned off the need for minimum balance requirement.


In this techno era where on one hand digitization has help bridge away economic border, it has also risen the risk of cyber frauds. Final ensures itself to be fraud fighting credit card, by enabling users to track crimes. They provide users with a credit card and app that helps to generate multiple card numbers, full proofing denies for any loopholes for frauds.

It allows customers to track their various accounts and subscriptions. They also enable to set limits on specific car numbers.


Worried about what to be done with your spare change after spending? To keep it with self or deposit it in the bank? This question often haunts the mind of every individual, how to manage finances wisely.

Acorns provide a good workable solution by helping you link your bank account with the app and it takes care of the rest. Acorns aids by facilitating you to automatically invest your spare change. Once integrating your bank account with itself, it calculates the cost of purchases and later invests the spare change in an exchange-traded fund with the aim of assisting users to build their wealth.


You have either a friend or a relative who stays across the border and you need to send money urgently to them. It can be quite tenacious to go all over to the bank and get your money transferred to them by converting them into their currency and over it bearing exchange fees.

Circle helps to bridge this trouble by facilitating peer-to-peer cross-border transactions in similar lines of sending a text message. Having received an electronic money license by Britain’s Financial Conduct Authority to transfer cross-border transactions without any exchange fee liable.

Aishwarya Raghunath has written this post, she is an adventurous freak and mystery lover. She personally recommends Desi Hisab– a financial app to track daily expenses. You can also download the same from the Google play store.



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