Google’s New AI-Powered Search Engine: What We Know So Far

Google New AI

Google is reportedly developing a new AI-powered search engine in response to the rapidly expanding competition from Microsoft and OpenAI. The search engine, which is still in the early stages of development, promises to offer users a far more personalized experience than current search engines can provide, according to The Express Tribune.

The new search engine, currently under development under the codename ‘Magi’, is said to feature a chatbot that can answer software engineering questions and generate code snippets.

Another feature would allow users to search for music through chatbot conversation. Additionally, a Chrome feature dubbed ‘Search along’ would enable the chatbot to scan the webpage and offer contextual information. ‘GIFI’ and ‘Tivoli Tutor’ would be able to prompt Google Image Search to generate images and converse with a chatbot to learn a new language.

According to The Times, Google has already assigned 160 employees to the project, indicating the company’s commitment to delivering a top-tier AI-powered search experience. Google is also developing other new AI features for its existing search engine under the Magi umbrella.

“We’ve been bringing AI to Google Search for years to not only dramatically improve the quality of our results but also introduce entirely new ways to search, such as Lens and multi-search,” a Google spokesperson said in a statement to Engadget.

“We’ve done so in a responsible and helpful way that maintains the high bar we set for delivering quality information. Not every brainstorm deck or product idea leads to a launch, but as we’ve said before, we’re excited about bringing new AI-powered features to Search and will share more details soon.”

Although it is still unclear when the new AI-powered search engine will be released, it is expected that Google will announce Magi next month, with an initial launch to one million people in the US, and then expanding to 30 million more users by the end of the year.


Google’s new AI-powered search engine promises to revolutionize the way users search for information online, offering a more personalized and contextually aware experience.

With its new chatbot features and ability to generate code snippets and images, Magi has the potential to set a new standard for what search engines can offer. We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for more news and updates on this exciting development in the world of AI-powered search.


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