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Tips For Healthy Long Hair



There’s one mutual problem that every girl goes through and that is HAIR PROBLEMS. For every girl (Guys too, no judging), the most important thing is to have healthy hair. Of course, some girls prioritize having long beautiful hair and others go for dope looking short hair. In this article, we’re going to talk about tips for keeping your hair healthy and long.

Now, girls who want long hair, you know how much struggle you have to go through. You can use millions of supplements for hair growth but they wouldn’t grow until they’re being taken care of properly.  Long healthy hair doesn’t just grow out of the blue, they require attention, care and a proper diet (Yes diet, the food that you eat goes in your hair as well). There are certain tips you need to follow if you want to strengthen your hair:


1. Trimming is Important:


If you’re the kind of person who hates getting their haircut, this is the most painful thing you hear is TRIMMING. Trimming is one of THE MOST obvious and the most important way to grow your hair effectively.

According to a famous hairstylist, Michael Duenas, “Eliminating the breakage, gives the appearance that your hair is growing faster”. All the fake healthy hair products can’t help you, the way trimming your hair can help you.

Trimming stimulates hair growth. Once those split ends are removed, you would be surprised to know how smooth your hair can get and how much volume they gain over a year. The more you trim your hair, the more they’ll grow so remember to trim your hair AT LEAST twice every year for better and faster growth of hair.


2. Brushing Your Hair:


No matter your hair size, you obviously don’t leave the house without at least brush your hair once but that’s all we do, we brush our hair ONCE every day and only when we’re leaving home, what about the time when we come back and are tired and just lay on our bed regardless of how messy and untidy our hair look.

This is something you need to take notice of. If you want healthy long hair, you need to brush your hair at night. When it comes to brushing your hair, don’t just brush them with a regular brush, use a boar bristle brush and start out with your scalp so that your scalp oils are distributed evenly among your hair and your hair is properly moisturized. This works more effectively if you’re brushing your hair at night because, at night, the circulation gets better, it is a great tip for natural hair growth.


3. Eat Healthy:


Eating healthy is essential when you’re doing anything, similarly, when it comes to hair growth diet, you need to be very careful what you chose to eat if you want to have long flawless hair. There are some eatables you should definitely take if you want to grow your hair:

  • Eggs because they’re filled with protein and protein is great to strengthen your hair.
  • Spinach because it is rich with Iron and the more Iron you have, the faster your hair would grow.
  • Citrus Fruit because it’s got all the Vitamin C you need to have that special glow in your hair that makes it look FLAWLESS.
  • Nuts and seeds for Omega 3 fatty acids that would give your hair volume.
  • All kind of vegetables because they’re all quite healthy and will give your hair all the strength they need to grow!

If you have a hair loss problem or you want to know about hair growth after chemo, the best diet for hair loss is an iron-rich diet. There are barely any hair growth products that work when it comes to hair growth so it’s better to keep it as natural as possible.


4. Don’t Use Heat Styling Tools:


Would you okay with burning your hair? I’m guessing not so why do you have your hair go through the agony of being burnt through hair styling tools? The more hair straighteners, curling irons you use, the more your hair would be damaged. Especially, if you want to grow your hair naturally.

We don’t realize how much these utensils are harming our hair until they ruin them completely. You can use many natural methods to style your hair. For instance, you can be a little old style and use rollers to curl your hair or use hair pins right after you take a bath to keep your hair naturally straight and since your hair aren’t being damaged, you can get healthy long hair. There are many alternatives to styling your hair without using heated utensils that would terminate the growth of your hair.


5. Avoid Using Shampoo on a Daily Basis:


If you have hair, you’re obviously going to wash it but little do we know, washing your hair EVERY DAY with a shampoo can damage your hair. It is the most common mistakes we make without realizing how much damage that can cause to our hair.

It is recommended, we should only wash our hair two or three times a week, that way, the natural oil will be allowed to penetrate your hair, allowing it to hydrate and repair itself. If you’re still the kind of person who likes to wash their hair on a daily basis, instead of using shampoo, you can just rub your scalp with water while you’re in the shower, this way any residual build-up is removed using water and friction.

You can also use some essential oils for hair growth if you’re not using shampoo. With the help of washing your hair only three to four times a week, your hair growth would naturally increase and you would have long hair within a couple of months. Minor changes in your daily routine can affect your hair growth.

Having long healthy hair is only a matter of how well you take care of your hair. You can use ask yourself a million times ‘Is my hair healthy?’ but you won’t get the answer until you feel like your hair are healthy enough and believe me, when your hair is healthy, you can feel the difference because of healthy hair roots, your hair will get shinier, they gain volume, you wouldn’t need any products for hair growth.



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