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Top Dental industry trends in UAE Top Dental industry trends in UAE


Top Dental industry trends in UAE



The dental industry is evolving through a notable transition due to a wave of new technological digitization in tools and treatments. Hence, it is recommended for patients and dentists to keep up with the new trends in their clinics.

Also, they should follow current dentistry trends that are more likely to provide the most efficient results. However, oral and dental health is essential. As you planned to consult a dentist to maintain your dental health, consider reviewing the best dentistry trends we have come across in UAE.


CEREC dentistry, Dental Technology, 3D Printing, Dentistry apps, and Laser technology.


CEREC means a preparation of the tooth, to create and deliver the final and most suitable type of restoration of the tooth. This gives the dentist complete control over the design and production of the protective and realistic tooth-colored porcelain restorations.

Moreover, it is beneficial for nervous patients, people who do not want unpleasant impressions in the mouth and quick results in one appointment. You can benefit from Porcelain crowns, inlays, onlays, bridges, veneers, or implant-retained crowns, durable and well fitted CEREC all in one appointment. One of the UAE’s luxurious clinics providing Cerec dentistry is Versailles.

2. Dental Technology

Dental treatments in crowns, gum lifts, and veneers, as well as many other services, can change your smile and oral health remarkably. This can be done in a time frame that suits your needs are revolutionized by dental technology.

Advanced to the point, the images that once had to be taken individually now with dental technology large amounts of data and can now be captured through digital scanners in a matter of seconds. Also, it has revolutionized the traditional means of gathering information. Information can be gathered much more quickly and conveniently– both for the patient and the practitioner.

3. 3D Diagnostics and Printing

Precise assessments can be done with 3D diagnostics. Currently, 3D printing is used for general dentistry like integrated implantology, implants are safely and efficiently performed giving perfect results. This is unique in this form as of yet providing custom dental solutions.

The amplified availability of a variety of materials, such as resins has increased the poise of 3D printing in dental practicing trends. Due to 3D printing denture bases and surgical guides can be printed by the dentists. This makes workflow faster without the third party for the manufacturing of the oral apparatus. You can also use it to increase in 2019, and it also offers personalized solutions for patients and dentists.

  1.       Dentistry Apps:

Smartphones and digital technology have revolutionized the way people live. The traditional ways of finding the best clinics and dentists have been transformed due to technological advancements.

Hence, the dental industry and more apps are expected to increase in 2019 to help patients with oral hygiene and dental care. Patients can download these dentistry apps and install them. Patients can get an appointment and consult the dentist of their choice while sitting anywhere through these apps.

5. LASER Technology:

Laser technology has become the most effective and less painful treatment in the dentistry industry. However, this has done wonders in the field which eliminates the need for anesthesia, needles and had shortened recovery time. Also, it has benefited special needs patients and people who have a phobia of needles and pain. This technology is used to kill bacteria in a cavity, which can relieve the long-term health of a tooth also treating tooth sensitivity with laser technology.

In 2019 and beyond, the dentistry industry is expected to make treatments more comfortable and less time taking. With the frenetic pace, the advancements will likely become even more highly-developed, letting dental practices carry out their work effortlessly. Therefore, always choose a dentist who integrates new dentistry trends and delivers quality dental care services.



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