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International Thought Leaders Gathered at Creative Leadership Conference (CLC) 

On the 21st and 22nd of October 2023, The heart of Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, recently witnessed a remarkable Creative Leadership Conference (CLC) that brought together international thought leaders, speakers, mentors, and over 100 youth influencers. 

CLC was organized by Volunteer Force Pakistan, the Youth Association of Pakistan, and Digital Transformation Movement Pakistan (DTMP) and Supported by Hostingli and Mr. Arslan Munir. It was an unseen gathering where every participant could discover the greatest talent pool and acquire new leadership skills under the leadership of renowned speakers and mentors. 

Industry experts Mr. Hamid Mahmood – Chairman of Digital Transformation Movement Pakistan, Mr. Usman Raza Jolaha – President of Volunteer Force Pakistan, Mr. Raheel Ch – CEO of Confluence, Mr. Abdul Qadir – Chairman of Youth Association of Pakistan, Mr. Imad Malik – Founder Co Build, Mr. Umer Hadeed – Creative Director at Pitch Investors Live, Mr. Sardar Siyab Azmat – CEO Kashmir Ambassador Forum, Ms. Rose Zainab, Nauman Ali Awan – Freelance Community Leader, Mr. Faisal Abbas – Founder CENTENNIALSOL, Mr. Awais Aslam, Mr. Umair – CEO Appleman, and Mr. Qasim Shahzad has joined the conference and spread a strong sense of IT in the digital world.

This prestigious gathering profoundly impacted all its attendees. People from around the globe attended this conference. Most prominent countries, Uganda, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Somalia, and the Excellency Second Secretary of Sudan have participated and made it productive.

The heart of the CLC lies in its mission to foster creative leadership. It emphasized the importance of thinking outside the box, pushing boundaries, and breaking the norms. Thought leaders and mentors encouraged attendees to explore their creative potential and take on leadership roles in their respective fields.

The success of the Creative Leadership Conference (CLC) was largely due to the impressive lineup of speakers and mentors who graced the occasion. These individuals were chosen for their outstanding achievements and innovative thinking in the IT sector. Mr. Umair – CEO Lead Gen Done, Mr. Qasim Shehzad – a renowned freelancer, M. Tazeem Nasreen, Ms. Fatima Asad, Ms. Samina Rizwan, Mr. Haroon Q Raja, Mr. Liaqat Ali, Mr. Nauman Ali Awan, and Mr. Gohar Sharif delivered the millions worthy mentoring session with their top excellency and shared a new approaches to start earning online.  

Their diverse backgrounds and experiences added depth and breadth to the conference. It included industry luminaries, entrepreneurs, and creative minds. Everyone at the conference learned a lot.

Additionally, Hamid Mahmood, Chairman of Digital Transformation Movement Pakistan, a renowned figure in the marketing and agency space, delivered a captivating masterclass during the event.  Hamid’s 7-figure agency masterclass left attendees in awe, offering them a unique opportunity to learn from a true expert. Hamid shared his insights, strategies, and success stories, inspiring many to level up their agencies and get more profit.

creative leadership conference clc

In addition to Hamid’s masterclass, the conference featured a series of freelancing workshops. These workshops at CLC, led by IT experts, delved into freelancing, providing attendees with practical guidance and knowledge to excel in this domain. The workshops covered freelancing platforms, building a personal brand, and landing high-paying projects. 

Workshops by IT experts included AI Prompt Engineering Workshop by Mr. Faisal Abbas, Shopify As An Earning Source By Ms.Tazeem Nasreen,  Freelancing Potentials & RoadMap In 2023 by Ms. Fatima Asad, LinkedIn Mastery: Securing High-Paying Remote Clients by Ms. Samina Rizwan, Fundamentals of Cyber Security by Mr. Haroon Q Raja, Digital Products Platforms By Mr. Liaqat Ali, SEO from basic by Mr. Nauman Ali Awan, and Communication Skills & Leadership Traits by Mr. Gohar Sharif has covered all the top skills in freelancing.

Besides the knowledge gained, the Creative Leadership Conference offered ample networking opportunities. The conference held interactive One-to-one sessions and Start-up Pitch to ensure attendees were actively engaged and learning. 

A segment about the Vision of Pakistan was also conducted, where speakers shared their perspectives on Pakistan’s ideology, its impact, and ways to improve Pakistan by improving its entrepreneurial culture and increasing export revenue.  The event was graced by esteemed speakers, including Mr. Hamid Mahmood, Mr. Usman Raza Jolaha, Mr. Abdul Qadir – Chairman of YAP, Mr. Faizullah Farak – Former Spokesperson of the GB Government, Mr. Maulana Ibraheem Abdullah – Chief Ethical Pro, and Mr. Khalid Rehman – Director-General of IPS, provided a unique platform for insightful discussions.

Participants were encouraged to ask questions, share their experiences, and network with speakers and fellow attendees. This dynamic approach created an environment of collaborative learning and innovation. Attendees had the chance to connect with industry leaders, speakers, and mentors. Building these valuable connections could open doors to future collaborations and career opportunities. 

Creative Leadership Conference was a significant step towards illuminating Pakistan’s vision for a better future. The insights shared by the experts, mentors, and speakers shed light on the path forward, emphasizing unity, entrepreneurship, and international representation as key elements in Pakistan’s journey towards progress and prosperity. To cherish the success, a dinner was arranged at the end of the conference at Rah-e-Nau Constellation.

As the Creative Leadership Conference (CLC) came to a close, it left attendees pondering the future of creative leadership in Pakistan. The event undoubtedly set the stage for more such gatherings, fostering innovation and creative thinking and nurturing the next generation of leaders.

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