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Islamic Scholars & Muslims Condemn Quran Disrespect in Sweden

The desecrating incident, the burning of the Holy Quran in Sweden, has sent shockwaves across the Muslim world. It has drawn widespread condemnation from Islamic scholars and Muslims worldwide.

The act, perceived as a deliberate attempt to undermine peace and sow discord, has sparked calls for urgent action to prevent such incidents’ recurrence.

The incident in Sweden has prompted Islamic scholars and Muslim communities worldwide to call for a united front against disrespecting religious texts. They are urging governments, religious leaders, and international organizations to take immediate action to protect religious symbols and prevent acts that incite hatred and division.

The Muslim communities believe that addressing the root causes of Islamophobia and fostering interfaith dialogue are crucial steps towards promoting harmony and mutual respect.

By promoting positive actions and words, Muslims aim to create a gap between different faith communities and create an environment where misunderstandings about Islam can be resolved peacefully.

Islamic Scholars & Muslims Condemn Disrespect of Holy Quran in Sweden

Jang News reports that the Chairman of the Central Ulema Council of Pakistan, Sahibzada Zahid Mahmood Qasmi, has strongly condemned the desecration of the Holy Quran and labelled it as a conspiracy to disrupt global harmony.

He urged the Swedish government to raise this matter before the heads of Islamic countries, the United Nations, and international human rights organizations, emphasizing the need for collective efforts to address Islamophobia and protect religious sensitivities.

Sahibzada Zahid Mahmood Qasmi emphasized that the defilement of the Holy Quran in the name of freedom of expression is a grave concern for the entire Muslim Ummah. He expressed his concerns about the potential rise of extremism if international legislation is not enacted to prevent such sinful acts.

The Chairman further emphasized that Muslims must present Islam’s teachings and values to non-Muslims, fostering understanding and dispelling misconceptions.

In light of the recent incident, Muslims worldwide are standing in solidarity with their Swedish counterparts and urging the international community to take a firm stance against religious disrespect. The hope is that through a collective effort, societies can foster an atmosphere of tolerance, respect, and coexistence, ensuring that incidents such as the desecration of the Holy Quran do not recur.

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