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Jhoot Nahi Bolen Ge Conference: Cultivating Ethical Consciousness and Integrity within Trade In Pakistan

On Saturday, 8th July 2023, Ethical Pro, in collaboration with Markazi Ulema Council Pakistan, organized the “Jhoot Nahi Bolen Ge conference” at the Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The conference was attended by educationists, Islamic scholars, Ulema Akram (Mufti Mustafa Aziz- Founder & CEO of Seeraht Institute Faisalabad, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tayyab – Vice Principal and Head of the Islamiat Department at Gov. Graduate College Abdullahpur Faisalabad Mufti Hassan Tayyab – Lecturer at Jamia Islamia Imdadia Faisalabad, Prof. Saleem Ismail Sab – HOD Arabic Dep GCUF, Dr. Mufti Muhammad Hussain – HOD Department of Islamic Studies at University Of Lahore, Sargodha Campus, Dr. Sami Ur Rahman – HOD at Department of Law, The University of Faisalabad, Mudassar Naeem – President Peak Solutions). Also, traders and youth leaders (Dr Mufti Umer Farooq – Assistant Professor at the Department of Islamic Studies, Al-Qadir University, Mr Usman Raza Jolaha – President of Volunteer Force Pakistan, and Mr Zeshan Jolaha – Senior Vice President of Volunteer Force Pakistan, Hafiz Muhammad Ibrahim Abdullah – Chief Operation Officer Ethical Pro, Mr Jahangir Ashraf – journalist and reporter at City 41- City Group, Mr Malik Rafique – Spiritual Trainer and Banker, Mr Awais Aslam – Ecommerce Businesses Leader). Moreover, the conference was attended by digital industry leaders (Mr Hamid Mahmood, Founder of Software Pro Group of Companies, Ms Tabinda Usman – Chief Executive Officer at Arfa Karim Foundation, Mr Ubaid Afzal – Founder & Director of TecBeck Private Limited, Mr Azam Malik – Managing Director at Ejad Labs and Co-founder of Future Fest. Miss. Amna Ikhlaq – CTO of Technolangs, Founder WODWES, Nauman Sarwar – President of FITCO, Umair Zaman – CEO ESpark and Cyclewalay. Furthermore, the conference was attended by significant religious figures (Sahibzada Hussain Ahmad Qasmi, Peerji Khalid Mehmood, and Sahibzada Zahid Mahmood Qasmi) and prominent business leaders of Faisalabad.

conference jhoot nahi bolenge, ethical consciousness

This conference aimed to address the Fundamental Ethical Issues in daily business transactions and, more importantly, to shed light upon the significant importance of eradicating Jhoot in routine life.

Mr Hamid Mahmood – Co-Founder of Ethical Pro, has identified in his dedicated 15 years of IT career that Pakistan’s people have suffered a significant backlash in winning clients and business from the international market. Also, many gaps need to be filled in the academic curriculum from the perspective of the practicality of ethical education. He further explained that just a small proportion of businesses are intentionally involved in fraudulent practices that cause a negative image of business owners of Pakistan in the international business community.

In addition to it, he has also foreseen the potential harm the Pakistani business community would go through if they would not ethically empower their business operations. Thus, he took the initiative and addressed the problem and provided solutions with the help of a panel discussion. Mainly, the agenda of the conference was divided into three-panel discussions. The major topic of the panels was as follows: 

  1. Cultivating Ethical Consciousness: A New Era for Education
  2. Integrity in Trade: Paving the Path towards Ethical Commerce
  3. Safeguarding Ethics & Promoting Integrity in IT and Services Industries

An erudite discussion took place on the above-cited topics. However, the audience was attentive and keen to learn the essential notes they had taken during these discussions. The participants generally accepted that ethics must be added to their routine activities. The audience was positively charged to replicate all the essential guidelines in their life.

During the conference, Mr. Mahmood approached the participants, got their reviews about the topics and agenda, and appreciated their healthy participation.        

In the last segment of the conference, keynote speakers shed light upon the importance of speaking the truth and being habitual in adopting ethical values in everyday life. They further emphasize the role of trust and dependability in expanding business ventures globally. They believed that “if we lack ethical values, we would be abandoned in the international market”. Significant religious leaders also narrated important Quranic verses and Ahadees, emphasizing the importance of fair dealings and truthful habits in business activities.

Adding to this, significant business figures of Faisalabad had also accentuated arguments in favour of fair dealing in business operations. Thus, it was established that ethical values are essential to long-run business success.

Concluding the conference, Mr Mahmood extended his gratitude to all the participants, honourable guests and speakers. He further thanked the event partners and sponsors for their support. He further asked for a commitment from the participants that they would not lie even if they lost their business.

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