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Meta Reduces the Required Age for its Quest Headsets from 13-10

Meta has decided to lower the minimum age requirement for its virtual reality headsets, recognizing the potential benefits and risks associated with these cutting-edge devices.

To cater to younger users, Meta Platforms will allow children as young as 10 to create accounts on its Quest 2 and Quest 3 headsets, starting later this year. Scroll more to read the details.

To address concerns about online safety, Meta emphasizes that parental consent will be necessary for preteens to set up an account or download apps onto the device. In addition, the company promises to curate age-appropriate experiences for young users by suggesting suitable apps based on their ages.

Meta asserts that there is a wide selection of engaging and educational apps and games on their platform, with the majority rated for ages 10 and up. By making these resources accessible to younger children, Meta aims to provide a positive and enriching virtual reality experience.

This decision comes amidst growing scrutiny and regulatory pressure on social media companies, including Meta, regarding their impact on young users’ mental health and exposure to potentially harmful content. Concerns have been raised about the effects of virtual reality and the future “metaverse” on teenagers and children, prompting calls for stricter regulations.

Meta Reduces Required Age for its Quest Headsets from 13 to 10

Despite criticism from lawmakers and civil society organizations, Meta has planned to allow teenagers aged 13 to 17 to use Horizon Worlds, the company’s flagship virtual reality app. However, in response to these concerns, Meta has implemented parental controls, such as time restrictions and breaks for preteens using VR headsets. Users under 13 will have private accounts and app statuses by default, with parental oversight.

Additionally, Meta Plans to Infuse Generative AI into Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. Meta assures users that it will not serve ads to those under 13 and allow parents to use their child’s data to improve services. However, access to Horizon Worlds will remain restricted to users aged 13 and older in the US and Canada and 18 and older in Europe.

While Meta’s virtual reality headsets and Horizon Worlds represent the next generation of internet experiences, the company faces challenges in attracting mainstream audiences to embrace this technology.

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