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NASA Invited Bisma Solangi to Invent Anti-Sleep Glasses

Karachi, Pakistan: In a significant achievement for Pakistan, Bisma Solangi, a 13-year-old student, has earned recognition from NASA for her invention of Anti-sleep Glasses.

Bisma’s innovation comes in the form of anti-sleep glasses designed to address the issue of drivers falling asleep at the wheel. It contributes to global efforts to reduce road accidents and enhance road safety.

Impressed by her creation, NASA has invited Bisma Solangi, hailing from Karachi, to participate in their camp. This opportunity will allow her to hone her skills further and encourage her to develop more devices that can positively impact society and make Pakistan Proud.

During a recent interview, Bisma emphasized the capabilities of Pakistani students and highlighted the significance of determination in achieving extraordinary feats, a report by Daily Pakistan. Her dedication to working on inventions that have the potential to save and improve human lives has garnered admiration from various quarters.

The concept of anti-sleep glasses in the eyes of Bisma, also known as drowsiness detection glasses, has interested scientists worldwide as they seek ways to integrate this technology into modern vehicles. These glasses monitor various parameters, such as steering patterns, lane deviations, and driver behavior, to detect signs of drowsiness.

Upon detecting such signs, the glasses promptly trigger an alert using algorithms that analyze factors like eye movement and facial expressions.

By providing additional safety measures, such as assisting with lane keeping and maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles, Bisma’s invention holds promise in enhancing road safety for drivers and passengers alike.

Her achievement and invitation from NASA serve as an inspiring example of the potential of young minds to create innovations that can positively impact society and contribute to a safer and more advanced future.

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