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Apple Pay Is Coming To All Shopify Stores – New Shopify Payment Option



Shopify has always been all about creating ease for the merchants and customers to do what they love the mostand with Apply Pay coming to all of its stores, it’s like their dream of providing a seamless purchase experience to their customers coming true!

The news is that this fall, the user-friendly and feasible Apple pay is coming to the Shopify stores as a treat to all the online customers on these profitable stores. It is bringing grand good news for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac users. Remember your all-time payment experience while you’re shopping on an online store? The practice of filling out the whole form with your personal and credit card information before you have actually purchased any product,wasn’t ittiring? With the beneficial Apple play coming to Shopify store this fall, all the customers will soon forget this lengthy and boring method of purchase and enjoy the instant payment option introduced via Apple pay.

Scan your fingerprint and get your product, it’s that simple!

It’s all about creating ease for the users!

Shopify is a universal e-commerce platform which has made the business of selling and buying goodstrouble-free. Daily, millions of customers shop through its stores and it is for them that this easy pathway of purchasing through the Apple play is introduced.

How to shop via Apple pay?

The entire process just takes few seconds.

Once you have activated your Apple pay option, visit the online store through the Safari browser on iPhone, iPad or Mac and avail the payment option of Apple pay via a simple fingerprint scanning method. It’s that easy and no extra charges are pinned to it.

Apple pay brings pleasure in shopping to customers around the globe as Shopify stores are functional in every country. Any of you who is using the Shopify payment, Stripe, CyberSource, FirstDataPayeeezy or Braintree payment method can instantly shift to Apple pay.

Who does it benefit, the customers or the Shopify owners?

Making something that benefits both the ends is tricky. Apple pay brings benefit to both, the customers by vastly cutting down the shopping process time and allowing them to spend it otherwise on purchasing other goods and to the Shopify owners by benefitting their business.

The director of engineering at Shopify, Jason Normore appreciate and looks forward to the beginning of Apple pay by saying that it will provide the consumers a flawless purchase experience as all the friction encountered by them while trying to purchase a product through the mobile device would become a history. He also says that in this way more than 275,000 small and medium-sized businesses will work towards laying a better groundwork to devise the best shopping experience layout for the Apple devices.

Thus, the use of Apple pay benefits everyone but what about the mobile conversion rates? Will the traffic on the online stores allow you to have a comfortable shopping experience? Read below to know more about this.

While bringing Apple pay into the light, were the mobile conversion rates checked?

Whenever a user visits an online store through his phone, somewhere at the back of his mind he is concerned about the time spent on the store and the speed that the interface offers to carry out the whole process. With a huge amount of traffic directed towards the stores, is using Apple pay a good choice?

The answer to this query is in affirmation. It’s because the Apple pay is designed to offer an amazing checkout experience to the customers.

Apple pay’s success secret

Wondering about how does ‘Apple pay’ makes it easy to pay with a simple fingerprint scan. We searched for the answer and here is the method it uses to do so:

Instead of storing the real credit or debit card number on the device orApple pay server, it assigns a special device account number. This special number is encrypted and stored on the device. In this way, each transaction is made quickly, easily and is hundred percent secure.

Are you happy with Apple pay? Here’s how you can activate it!

Activating Apple pay comes in handy. All you have to do is look into your Shopify payment options and select Apple pay option from them.

Enjoy shopping with Apple pay!



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