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Donald Trump Is Elected The Next US President



Today- #ELEVEN816 the “silent majority” has won to make America great again. Well, Donald Trump has won the US presidency early this morning which almost shocks the world. Donald Trump has already claimed his victory in New York headquarters. He calls Americans to come out as one united people and congratulates Hillary Clinton on a hard-fought battle.

Donald Trump won US presidency

Some Cool Aspects:

  • Trump will be the 45th President of America.
  • Trump winning states in these elections are Florida, Ohio, NC and Pennsylvania
  • Republicans retain their control in House of Representative.

Trump Victory Reviews:

Moreover, Trump declares that it was not a campaign but a moment of victory that he won white house by getting diverse votes from different parts of US.

Trump Generous Words to Clinton:

Trump offer his generous words to his opponent by saying, she had worked hard for many years and has owned a “deep dept. of gratitude”.

trump and clinton

Trump Supporters:

Trump Supporters shouts on his victory,

trump supporters

A man leans out of his car shouting words in support of U.S. Republican presidential Donald Trump while driving in Times Square in New York

trump Suporter

Robin Bernik, lady who recently moved to Oregon from Florida, watches her home state is called for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at a Republican watch party at the Vet’s Club in in Eugene, Oregon




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