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Google’s fresh & better content on Its Way Google’s fresh & better content on Its Way


Google’s Fresh & Better Content on Its Way!



Google is all geared up breaking its index and providing fresh and better content to its users in upcoming months. Presently, Google is including a single index to all documents for search. Google’s Gary Illyes has declared that they plan on launching a separate mobile search index, which will turn out to be the essential one.

In order to respond to queries, Google is going to develop a separate mobile index within a couple of months which will serve as the main index that the search will bring into use. An individual desktop index will be kept, which wouldn’t be as fresh/latest as the mobile index.

The news was revealed meanwhile a keynote address from Gary Illyes, a webmaster trends analyst with Google, at Pubcon. Although Illyes didn’t announce any details in his talk, but in an afterthought with Search Engine Land, he acknowledged that it would happen in upcoming months.

Initially, Google declared they were researching with the concept of mobile index last year at SMX East. Considering that, Google has apparently determined that a separate mobile index makes complete sense and is moving forward with the idea.

At this moment, things seem unclear like how the mobile index will work? For instance, if the mobile index will be considered as “basic” index, won’t it be used for any desktop query or will it only entail mobile-friendly content? How much outdated will the desktop index appear? Though desktop usage is turned into a minority but still it generates considerable usage. The real yet significant change will probably be that by launching a separate mobile index, Google can run its ranking system in a different manner across “immaculate” mobile content instead of the current system that draws data from desktop content to discover.

Stay tuned to Google for more in a few months to witness how things roll!



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