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Best Laptop For Engineers in 2016 Best Laptop For Engineers in 2016


Best Laptop For Engineers In 2016



The high-tech laptop market becomes narrow for engineers recently. Just like gamers, the engineer’s community has also put tough design challenges for laptop companies. Engineering student laptop demands are way different from regular laptops. They need plenty of memory, high graphics hour time, and large screen resolution to run their applications. But sometimes with all these specifications, manufacturers lake in between performance and convenience. Let’s have a review on the best Laptop for engineers right below.


We still don’t have the Best Laptops for engineers. But after research, we found that few laptops stand out for engineers’ demands and their specific needs. The following search is based on the top best laptop for engineers in 2016-where we focus to show the finest laptops, who not even cost low but also give excellent performance. So, if you think you are not with the right device or frequently searching for the best laptop in your search engines. We are listing some best options for you- that will get your job done.

HP ZBook 17 G3

The HP ZBook 17 G3 is a specification designed for engineers, known as an engineer’s workstation. The device has come up with more battery life, is a 25% lighter and faster version with a wide array of GPU and display options.

Best Laptops for engineers in 2016


  • Fully support for touch
  • UHD display
  • Windows 10

It also facilitates with DreamColors for color critical tasks, but in this case your touch will not work.


This high device ZBook 17 G3 starts with appealing price of $1,500, but more options make it expensive.

Why not MacBook Pro?

Apple lovers may get shocked after seeing this, but this device is not as compatible from concerning engineers’ point of view. Many top engineering apps still not work on OS X, also the MacBook Pro doesn’t update in a while.


Best Laptops for engineers in 2016

Still, it is capable of providing long battery life, high resolution, and HD display quality. Many engineers prefer this device for many reasons. Engineers who have large software components in their projects often find it easier to build and use open-source projects under OS X.

However, the good news apart is the support for both Windows and for Linux in MacBook Pro- which is improving day by day and this reason is the center of attention for engineers to prefer OS X for their projects.

If we think of a perfect device, which fulfills our requirements completely, I think this is something mean! Where these devices have been designed for development purposes and to give ease to engineers.



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