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iphone7 plus features iphone7 plus features


Trending: Apple Just Announced iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Features



Apple has announced iphone7 and plus with tremendous features which going to blow your mind away! The new iPhone looks a little similar to iphon6 but this phone makes the things you most even better way. Iphone7came up with both inner and outer surprises that make all the things you do, better, faster, and more powerful. Let’s have a look at what’s big in iPhone 7.

Big News

Well, Apple always introduces its products with upgraded and exciting features to make them more attractive and wanted. This time we got the first iPhone ever which is waterproof. Yes, the enclose has been entirely re-engineered- make this the first water resistance iPhone.


It is the first iPhone with a stereo speaker system, delivering the most immersive and powerful audio experience. Also, there is no headphone jack, wow! The jack is already built-in in the processor, so no more headache of tangled wires.


A dual-camera system has been introduced with a bigger sensor. Its six-element lens, new amplitude captures brighter and detailed photos and videos. Its optical image stabilization allows a wilder exposure. So, you can take better photos even in low light. The new cinema HD display is the cinema standard wild color display ever.

Powerful Processor

The iPhone 7 is driven by the most powerful chip in smartphones with high performance and high official secures letting you the maturity of your task and giving you the longest battery life than any iPhone.

New Finishing

The new iphone7 is introduced with two new finishing- black and jet black with highlighted curved.

The new iphone7 is introduced with two new finishing- black and jet black with highlighted curves. Apple says that the iphone7 will be available for purchase on September 16, although pre-orders have been started from September 9. The iPhone 7 is starting from 32GB storage for $649 and goes up to 256GB for $849. The larger iphone7 plus is even more expensive than all of its iPhone series.



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