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Pakistan and Saudi Arabia Collaboration in Information Technology

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are joining to strengthen their ties in information technology and sports in a world marked by ever-evolving technology and the power of sports diplomacy.

Sahibzada Zahid Mahmood Qasmi, Chairman of the Merkazi Ulema Council of Pakistan, lauds this collaboration, emphasizing the historical and multifaceted relations. Read more.

Pak-Saudi Historical Ties

The history of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia is one of unwavering solidarity. Their bond transcends religion, culture, politics, defence, and trade. Saudi Arabia holds a special place in the hearts of Pakistanis, with 95% of the population having deep-rooted connections to the Holy City of Makkah.

This sentiment was even exemplified in 1979 when Pakistan renamed its city of Lyallpur in honour of the Saudi King Shah Faisal. Today, these strong relations continue to flourish.

Road to Makkah Project

One remarkable testament to this enduring partnership is the Road to Makkah Project, initiated to enhance the convenience of pilgrims in Pakistan. The people of Pakistan are profoundly grateful to King Salman bin Abdul Aziz for this endeavour.

Under this project, customs and immigration processes are now conducted in Pakistan, providing a seamless experience for pilgrims departing for Saudi Arabia.

Modernization of Haramain Al-Sharifin

Both nations are committed to modernizing the Haramain Al-Sharifin, ensuring that pilgrims are provided with governance tailored to the requirements of the modern age.

The visionary leadership of Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman deserves praise in this regard. These efforts benefit the religious sphere and foster cooperation in sports, particularly football and cricket.

Cooperation in Sports

While Saudi Arabia excels in football, Pakistani football has garnered love and recognition worldwide.

The collaboration between the two countries in sports, especially football, promises to bring about positive changes. Pakistan, in turn, contributes to promoting cricket in Saudi Arabia, expanding the horizons of sports diplomacy.

Technology and IT Cooperation

Saudi Arabia’s commitment to diversify its economy through its Vision 2030 Agenda is highly commendable.

The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology’s endeavours in the technology sector are particularly noteworthy. Pakistan sees great potential in collaborating with Saudi Arabia in this field.

Significant progress in Saudi Arabia’s information and communication technology sector is being made, aligned with the Vision 2030 goals. Both nations can benefit from enhancing this sector, fostering economic growth and innovation.

The Merkazi Ulema Council’s Role

The Merkazi Ulema Council of Pakistan congratulates the Saudi leadership and its people on National Day. They emphasize the importance of creating a platform for businesses, both digital and non-digital, to transition into the digital realm. This includes hiring freelancers, software houses, and IT experts to facilitate this transformation.

The council aims to promote, protect, and raise awareness of digital services in Pakistan across all sectors.

Additionally, the council seeks to create resources and guidance for freelancers, digital and IT companies, and individuals looking to embrace digital transformation. They aim to foster cooperation and understanding among digital and non-digital sectors for mutual benefit and national development.

Moreover, a youth wing, Digital Transformation Movement Pakistan, is being established to prepare the younger generation to meet the demands of the modern age, emphasizing education, nationalism, and patriotism. The council aims to provide comprehensive career guidance, ensuring educational efforts are directed towards digital technology and IT.


The partnership between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia is evolving to encompass religious and cultural ties and the realms of information technology and sports. This collaboration promises to benefit both nations economically and culturally, paving the way for a brighter future built on mutual understanding and cooperation. Get more news on Get Top Trends and be in touch with the latest trends and news.



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