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Pakistani Boy Married 75 Years Old Canadian Woman

If we talk about love, Pakistan is an odd place. Here, it happens that Canadian woman is interested in Pakistani Boy.

Families will break up over little disagreements, and love marriages are still frowned upon and almost unattainable in Pakistan.

But there are also instances where Indian and Canadian women travel to Pakistan to wed the man of their dreams, and it has been reported that Pakistani women travel to India to find a spouse while still living with their Pakistani husbands.

Trending news is also surrounded by renowned news channels that a 35-year-old Pakistani Boy and a Canadian woman who is at least 75 years old are now married.

Pakistani Boy Married 75 Years Old Canadian Woman

About six years have passed since the renowned couple first started dating. They became friends on Facebook and got attached to a love marriage. They ultimately got married, and this developed into sentiments of love.

Despite the fact that Canada refused his visa, Shahzad insists that he is not a gold-digger and that this love marriage is not for a visa application, reported by Daily Pakistan.

He further disclosed that his wife provides for him financially and does not want him to work since it would harm his health. To sustain themselves, the pair is also creating a YouTube channel.

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