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5 Popular Cat Breeds in New Zealand 5 Popular Cat Breeds in New Zealand


5 Popular Cat Breeds in New Zealand



You are either a cat person or a dog person. Yes, you might love both but this high and mighty species requires your full loyalty. If a cat video makes your heart melt and toe beans bring you to tears than my friend, you are a definitely a cat person. All the New Zealander cat people pay close attention as we bring you the top 5 most popular cat breeds. If you are a non-native, fret not as you have a collection of adorable cat photos at your disposal.


 1. Devon Rex:




Ever think of animals that look like grumpy old people? Devon Rex will definitely replace that image from now on. With its squishy face and large ears, this is one funny looking but an equally adorable cat. This breed is considered to be hypoallergenic as their fur often grows in curls or like matt suede. However, commonly their personality is far from old and grumpy. They are very playful cats that love to be coddled. If you are looking for a lap cat that is easy to maintain and an absolute best friend than Devon Rex is your dream pet.

 •  A few traits that are common in the Devon Rex breed are:

 •  Fun loving.

 •  Friendly towards strangers.

 •  Easy to train.

 •  Intensely loyal.

 •  Constant companion.

 •  Will eat anything!

Devon Rex is average sized cats that grow up to 2.5 kg-4 kg. Their coat can vary according to their age. Some kittens drop their fur as they enter adulthood, while some shed seasonally.

When looking at this squiggle bunny you must be wondering what was the creator thinking? How did they manage to end up with this? Well, it wasn’t a human, it was mother nature that brought this beady-eyed, long-legged furball into existence. So, let us give our thanks by loving these adorably quirky little creatures and pampering them forever. Give your feline friends the best care they deserve and while caring for your time and money by ordering the necessaries at Cat Evolution.

 2. Exotic Shorthair:




Have you ever wanted to own a real-life stuff toy? Short, fluffy and cute as a button! Exotic Shorthair cats are the thing for you. They are known as the low maintenance Persian, keeping in view the obsession of the global cat community with Persians. Shorter hair makes them easier to groom and their Persian like personality makes them a pretty easy going option for pet owners. Other traits for exotic shorthair include:

 • A little active than the regular Persian.

 • Queasy around strangers.

 •  Easier to groom.

Exotic Shorthair was bred from Persians and American Shorthair cats. The result is a round-eyed round-faced squishy toy. The coat of this cat turns out short to medium and these cats can grow up to 2.5 kg to 7kg.


3. British Shorthair:




Omg! Look at that fluff ball. Yes, that’s exactly the kind of reactions your pet is ought to receive if you happen to be an owner of this cutie patootie. Known as the British blue due to its blue-grey coat and mustard eyes, this breed now comes in all sorts of colors. It has a dense coat that gives it an extra touch of “floof”. Are you an introvert weary of too much physical contact? Or just a busybody, with a lot on their mind. This laid-back ball of fur is exactly what you need in your life, because a British Shorthair will make sure they are right beside you but not on you. Plus their cute chubby face is bound to make you forget all your troubles in life and for the trouble that comes with owning a pet, I have the perfect solution for you right here.

This breed is one of the most ancient traceable breeds, that can be identified in the earlier egyptian civilizations. An average British Shorthair can weigh up to 3kg – 7.5kg. if you need a cuddle that can be smothered in love, there are better options to practice your affections on. Whatever the case may be, the list not ended yet.  


 4. Ragdoll:




Is it a cat or is it a doll? How about both! 😀 This breed has a very weird myth surrounding the cause of its origin. It is claimed to have been created after a pregnant cat broke her pelvis, the resultant litter had the ability to squash to the ground just like a rag doll. However, science has firm claims against trauma affecting the genetic markings of any species. All the origin stories aside the breed are believed to be naturally occurring and is extremely affectionate. Are you a mom that is finding it hard to cut the cord and let their grown-up babies go? Or are you someone that just adores babies and loves carrying them? I have a solution for you that does not require intense labor for 9 months. The ragdoll is the breed for you! Carry it to your heart’s content.

Other personality traits include:

 •  Easy going.

 • Is not extremely needy.

 •  Soft melodious voice.

 •  Very loving.

 •  Does not like to be forced!

 •  A rag doll can grow up to weigh about 4kg to 6.5kg.


 5. Burmilla:




If you have been on the internet in the past few months I’m sure you will be aware of the term RBF(Resting Bi**** Face ). This cat breed is the epitome of an RBF with its stellar, elegant looks and lined eyes, the Burmilla looks to have walked straight out of a red carpet. A breed that can be truly described as gorgeous, this cat is not just all looks. An affectionate breed that is slow to trust other people. Just like the looks, the haughtiness of the person makes it into a perfect a diva. Their luxurious dense coat and round tip tail makes them irresistible but slightly high maintenance because, well beauty is the pain. However this time your diva has you to take care of all its shenanigans. All the knick-knacks in the world including a self cleaning litter box is exactly what you need to spoil your baby.

An added surprising fact is that this was not a well thought outbreed, this thing of beauty came into existence by mere accident when a Burmese cat mated with a Chinchilla. An average Burmilla can grow to an average weight of 3 kg to 4.5 kg.


I hope you have had your full dose of furry cuteness and cat facts from this adorable listing.. No? Still dismayed? Yes I know, no amount of cat photos can be enough to satisfy your soul. You can hop right over to cat evolution for another abundant dose of squiggly, cuteness.



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