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Pink Eye Infection Break Out in Pakistan

Lahore – Pakistan: The pink eye infection, also known as conjunctivitis, casts a shadow over Punjab, Pakistan. With state-run hospitals grappling with a surge of 500-600 patients and Lahore topping the list among affected districts.

The disconcerting upswing in eye infection cases has reverberated across the region, with emerging reports underscoring the infection’s indiscriminate reach across all age groups.

A striking number of students find themselves afflicted by Pink eye infection, primarily attributed to lapses in adherence to preventive measures within educational institutions.

Reports indicate that school administrations are taking proactive measures by allowing infected students to stay home due to the Pink eye infection break-out in Pakistan.

Update by Medical Experts for Eye Infection

Medical experts shed light on Pakistan’s rapid pink eye outbreak in densely populated urban areas, where individuals are routinely exposed to sterile environments, including factories, bustling bazaars, markets, and shopping plazas.

The epicentre of this ocular onslaught in Lahore, where the infection is responsible for nearly 40 percent of the disease burden, inundating hospitals with over 200 new patients daily.

Experts specializing in eye health have sounded the alarm about the imminent risk of widespread transmission, given the lack of adherence to preventive measures against viral conjunctivitis.

Distinguished ophthalmologist and former Vice Chancellor of King Edward Medical University, Professor Dr. Asad Aslam, emphasizes that it is still too early to gauge the full extent of the impact of viral conjunctivitis, as much work remains in officially documenting the exact number of reported eye infection cases.

Dr. Aslam elucidates that pinkeye is a common and self-limiting condition that affects the lining of the eyelid and eyeball, reassuring that it remains treatable at any stage.

Furthermore, he underscores the ease with which the infection can spread, whether through contact with contaminated surfaces, close interactions with infected individuals, or even casual conversations. Patients are strongly advised to exercise utmost caution.

Dr. Aslam recommends that individuals afflicted with pinkeye should consider wearing protective black glasses and immediately segregate their bedding and utensils.

“We’ve witnessed annual spikes in pinkeye cases in Punjab, but this time, the intensity of the outbreak far surpasses previous records,” Dr. Aslam notes. Regarding high-risk transmission, he elucidates that the virus primarily spreads when an infected individual touches their eyeball and subsequently contacts surfaces or other individuals.

Symptoms of Pink Eye Flu

Pink Eye Infection

Pink eye infection, scientifically known as conjunctivitis, manifests through uncomfortable symptoms, including noticeable redness, inflammation, painful eyes, and an increased tendency to tear up. This viral affliction spreads through respiratory droplets, often disseminated through coughing, sneezing, and hand-to-eye contact.

The primary indications of pink eye flu typically encompass redness, watery or mucus discharge, and a sensation of burning, grittiness, or sandiness in a single eye.

Specific individuals may experience morning crusting, followed by continuous watery discharge, occasionally accompanied by limited mucus discharge during the day.

It’s important to note that pink eye can also result from bacterial infections or allergic reactions. Dr. Aslam underscores the significance of seeking medical attention if symptoms fail to improve within 12 to 24 hours to avert potential complications.

Treatment of Pink Eye Infection

Effective treatment options are available for those grappling with this uncomfortable condition. Treatment typically involves specialized eye drops, ointments, and sometimes oral medications. These interventions are instrumental in alleviating the discomfort associated with the pink eye and promoting a speedy recovery.

Moreover, gentle water flushes may be recommended as part of the treatment regimen to remove irritants and foreign particles from the eye, further facilitating healing.

It is imperative for individuals experiencing the symptoms of pink eye to promptly seek medical attention to receive an accurate diagnosis and the most appropriate treatment for their specific case.

Early intervention not only aids in symptom relief but also plays a crucial role in preventing the potential spread of this contagious viral disease within communities.

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