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Share HD Images: WhatsApp Makes Image Sharing Even Better

WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging app owned by Meta, constantly improves the user experience by introducing updates and enhancements to WhatsApp existing features. In the latest version update, WhatsApp addresses a common issue faced by users who enjoy sharing pictures.

Previously, even high-quality pictures would lose some resolutions when sending images through WhatsApp. However, the WhatsApp development team has now introduced an innovative solution within the app to overcome this drawback. Users can share high-definition (HD) pictures with the latest beta versions.

This WhatsApp new feature, known as “HD photos,” ensures that the resolution of the images is preserved during the sharing process. Read more.

It has been reported that selected beta testers are currently testing the feature and have received positive feedback, enhancing the overall user experience when sending images.

You can get much more WhatsApp features by updating your WhatsApp. You can also get New Message Editing Feature on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp image sharing new feature

Currently, the HD photos feature is only available for iOS users, with some beta testers accessing the new option that allows them to manage photo quality. However, WhatsApp plans to make this feature available to a broader audience in the upcoming weeks.

Users will encounter a new option when selecting and sending a large-sized photo to utilize the feature. It is important to note that while the feature preserves the image dimensions, some light compression is still applied to the photo. Consequently, the photos will be retained in their original quality.

Once the HD photos feature is applied, a distinct “HD” mark will appear on the message bubble containing the sent image. However, it’s worth mentioning that this feature is exclusive to images and does not apply to videos.

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