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5 Things Every Sales Tech and Marketer Should Do 5 Things Every Sales Tech and Marketer Should Do


5 Things Every Sales Tech and Marketer Should Do



A marketer’s life is never easy. He has always got a lot on his plates like budgets, goals, campaigns, and priorities. Marketing aims to know and understand the needs of the customer so well that the product or service may fit him perfectly.

Sales tech and marketers face a lot of challenges daily, which result in great success if dealt with right. Following are a few things that they should do as great marketers.

1. Set Goals

Before you start doing something, it is essential to set some goals as a marketer. If you don’t do so and keep going vague, you will never be able to understand the success of a campaign that you are running. Also, it makes you tie your marketing efforts back to the overall success of the business.

Different departments of an organization take success in different ways; as a team or individually. Where it may be a certain amount of increase in the engagement on some piece of content for you, someone else’s success may be measured on the maximum number of downloads on business chat software. Hence, the most important part is to define your goals and understand what you will be working on every day.

2. Measure and Analyze

Measuring and analyzing is very important to understand the accomplishment status of a goal. As marketing measurement is so important to marketers, metrics and measurements should be common language within an organization.

Great marketers are those who always measure the performance of their campaigns, look into how the pages perform, CTAs, emails that are read, content that is downloaded, and also social media engagement.

There is some sort of systems devised for such tracking of data so that you can compare and analyze it easily. It is when a marketing dashboard also comes helpful that collects all the data in real-time, which makes you spend time generating insights rather than looking and keeping a track of things in excel files.

3. Study the Competition

Most of the time, we ignore certain things, conversations, questions, and even our competitors. But here, it is advisable to know your competitors and do what they are doing, don’t market your products in the dark. When you study your competition, it might give ideas of what to do and what not to do.

A lot of competitors’ information may be available publicly, which will give you a good idea of comparison and see how your marketing efforts are doing. Also, you can track and upload their marketing efforts to your dashboard and use the information to your advantage.

4. Create Content

One way or another, content is king. Although we can’t use it the same way as previously, we should still keep on producing it. From emails to blog posts, PDFs, images, lists, webinars, slide shares, infographics, and more; you can do everything. Since you want the content to circulate and being shared by the audience, It should be interactive enough.

Wise marketers tend to create sharable content in which the audience may take an interest. Content is a kind of thing that may help in educating prospects about what is trending in the industry, which builds trust among you both.

5. Social Listening

Social media is amazingly interesting. Whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other platform, it is always fun to run a business page. While scrolling through, you get to know what your audience is talking about the brand. Since there are so many social media channels, you’ll be able to know what people are saying about your brand, competitors, and the industry.

If people face some problem or issue regarding something, the foremost place they find to rant about is social media. In such an event, you need to be very active and respond to solve their problems through social listening. And when you do so, you become a reputable source to them and they become your repeat customer.

Where you are spending your precious time getting new customers, it is also very important to spend even more time nurturing the ones that you already have. Because your current customers are a lot more valuable than generating new ones – they are worthy of gaining your attention and time every day.


The aforementioned points are some common practices that marketers should focus on daily routines. It is a good reminder for marketers who want to make them a part of their lives.

Moreover, these practices won’t only make them more productive and efficient, but they will continue to learn new things, work hard towards achieving goals, and also accomplish KPIs that you set in the beginning.

Although adopting these techniques won’t easy initially, but you’ll be meeting your goals in no time after doing so once.



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