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The Emergence of Web Development in California



In the world of digital marketing, web development occupies a very significant place. This marketing stream serves as a backbone to the field of digital marketing, captivating all the website-related tasks under its fold. However, from web designing, web content development, server-side and client-side scripting to network security configuration, it is managing all the tasks with aplomb and ace.

California, being a hub of web development has undergone a complete transformation. Surprisingly, it is true that the sector of Web development in California has transformed massively over a couple of years. Having said, read along to discover everything about web development in California and the top web development companies in the region.

How web development has become a growing industry in California?

The commercialization of the web has played a massive role in the growth of the web development industry in California. Since the moment, the businesses in California began using the website to sell their services and products to the customers; the web development industry has started touching the apex of success.

Open-source software like GlassFish, BerkeleyDB, Perl/Pack, and LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) also helped businesses in this endeavor by making it easy for them to train their employees cost-effectively.

Another important factor that has added to the growth of the web development industry in California is the rise of an infamous WYSIWYG web-development software. This web-development software includes Microsoft Visual Studio, Adobe Dreamweaver, and BlueGriffon. Hence, to use this software, the command over HyperText Markup Language is required.

One has to learn HTML first to understand the nubs and cores of this software. Although the basics of this software can be learned with the help of technical books, files, real-time learning, and internet tutorials.

There is an ever-growing set of technologies and tools, which assist developers to create more interactive, dynamic, and interesting websites. Now, web developers are expected to help in delivering applications in the guise of website services that were only available as applications on a desktop computer. This new trend has opened up many avenues for web developers to decentralize the set of information and the distribution of media.

Not only this, the examples can be seen with the emergence of cloud services such as Google Docs, Dropbox, and Adobe Creative Cloud. All these web services enable users to use various applications from different geographical locations, without tying them to a particular workstation for interacting with applications.

How web development has brought a dramatic transformation in commerce and communication in the State of California?

The rise of e-commerce has changed the whole equation of commerce in California. With an eminence of e-commerce websites like eBay, the whole process of buying and selling goods has changed in California along with the whole world.

Hence, these online retailers like and have brought a massive revolution in the arena of shopping.

Another example that shows the impact that web development has created on transformative communication is a blog. There are a bunch of web applications such as Movable-type and WordPress which have crafted interactive blog-environments for various websites.

The prevalence of open-source content management systems like TYPO3, Drupal, Joomla!, XOOPS, and the popularity of enterprise content management systems like the eXo platform and Alfresco. However, this has increased the significance of web development on communication and online interaction.

Not only commerce and communication, but web development has also created a massive impact on marketing and social networking. Now, websites are not only used for commerce or work but also social networking and communication. Social media websites like Twitter and Facebook enable users to communicate with others on a more personal level.

How did web developers in California create websites?

The web developers in California have created websites through cutting-edge web development tools, which had already proven to deliver wonders in the realm of web development.

By using ground-breaking web-development approaches, developers have harnessed the power of plugins and add-ons to streamline the code and create the most appalling website applications. Below is a list of web development tools that have helped them create enticing web apps.

Sublime Text

It is a foremost code editor that features an ultra-speedy, cost-effective, well-executed, and highly-efficient interface. Moreover, this is managed by a single web developer who believes in the art of creating the best web applications.

The secret recipe of Sublime lies in its vast range of keyword shortcuts that include the ability to undergo simultaneous editing and quick navigation to lines, symbols, and files.

Chrome Developer Tools

It lets a developer edit CSS and HTML and debugs JavaScript while analyzing the performance of a website. It allows developers to sneak peek into the internals of a particular web application.

Not only this, but it also provides developers a palette of network tools to help them optimize their loading flows. Also, it provides a timeline to a developer to help him gain a complete understanding of the mechanics of the browser.


JavaScript is considered one of the most essential and paramount front-end languages by web developers though it has a plethora of deformities. However, the browser inconsistencies and a complicated syntax that affects its functionality.

But since the moment jQuery, a small, fast, cross-platform library of JavaScript emerged on the scene of web development. It has become easy for web developers to create web applications. jQuery has further created a wide scope for adding plug-ins, creating navigations, and exploring documents.


GitHub is a nightmare of a web developer to add a new feature in an older program, thus screwing up the project often. To curb the problem, GitHub has emerged on the scene of web development by helping developers view the changes they have made in the past.

Not only this, but it also provides an open-source development community to all web developers. Above all, GitHub provides many components like feature requests, Wikipedias, task management, and bug tracking to the web developers.

Twitter Bootstrap

Among all, it is one of the most premier front-end web development tools. With a comprehensive UI package that consists of UI frameworks, it becomes easier for the developers to scaffold the elements of the latest applications with ease and speed. Besides, it builds modal projects, normalizes the concept of stylesheets, and adds JavaScript plugins to cut down the time of developers.



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