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Trending From Photoshop to Sketch



Photoshop (PS) has always been the center of attention when it comes to editing photos or creating web pages. It has gone to places with its ever charming set of tools and handy shortcuts that let users create wonders in no time. But what about the news breaking out about people switching from PS to a newly built application called Sketch?

I myself have been an avid user of Photoshop for quite a long time now and no doubt, it has served us as the prime tool for graphic designing for nearly a decade. However, with PS, many users have been complaining about bugs, errors and not-so-user-friendly terms and conditions that come along with the latest versions of Photoshop. This might be one of the many reasons why many people have been considering switching to mobile design applications from Photoshop – quite heartbreaking, isn’t it?
If we wish to take my experience into consideration, then I too, had been facing several issues with PS – some of the bugs took way too long to get either straightened out, while others would completely collide with my original ideas. This led me to do a thorough search, and of course, this is where Sketch pops in.

So, what makes Sketch so incredibly justified over Photoshop and its decade-long authenticity? To answer this I’ve jotted down a list of reasons, which point towards Sketch’s preferences over PS, thus making it one of the most eligible apps for graphic designers out there.

Web Designing

Photoshop wasn’t created with the sole purpose of web designing. Its main motive was towards image manipulation and incorporation of graphics other than catering to mere image edits, but over the years, PS grew and emerged as one of the most widely used tools by web designers and illustrators for managing websites and multiple graphical pages. However, there were times when complaints about Photoshop revolve, mainly about its unhandy grip on tools and buttons. Photoshop does not provide as many function loaded tools as are required for creating authentic and vibrant web pages, thus, enabling people to install third party plug-ins in order to fulfill their purpose.

Sketch tends to be more focused towards closer web rendering and is more flexible in usage. It comes with a bunch of handy tools and options that are easy to use in addition to being lightweight unlike PS’s heavy files.

Document Size

Well, we all are familiar with the huge 1GB sized files we have to deal with while using Photoshop. The large PSD files are no less than a burden on the RAM of computers. Sketch however, tends to offer solutions for this issue as well – the initial size of app is 3 times less than that of PS. Also, in Sketch you get to manage the whole project IN JUST ONE FILE. Yes you heard that right. No more hassle of remembering a dozen PSD files for just one project.

Light on Pocket and Time

Photoshop is a much heavier application than Sketch – in more ways than one. The CC version costs too much for anyone who cannot afford spending so many bucks on a mere app which allows people to look for alternatives to Photoshop. Sketch on the other hand is quite easier to handle, mainly due to its meager size, and light in price too. Due to these attributes, it works quite fast, thus sparing its users of any obstacles while working.

Vast Color Panel

The color panel feature in Sketch makes it very easy for the colors to stay consistent. It is unlike PS, where users had a color panel with a file which was consistent but required clicking on the layer panel to target the specific layer every time, and then moving to the colors panel and THEN, finally hitting on enter. This was a tedious job for many. In Sketch you don’t need to click on the layer to change its color every time. The fill and border attributes of every layer are present in the side window, along with the existing file’s color palette so you can easily stay consistent with the colors.

Blurred Background

The real pain while blurring the background of any image in Photoshop is that you need to create a group on top of all other layers, select all, copy merged, paste into the group, then go to effects –> blur –> Gaussian blur. Now that was quite hard, especially for those who didn’t have much time on hands for this job. Sketch has solved this problem by adding a super easy blur feature. All you need is to create a rectangle shape and hit the ‘background blur’ affect. This will blur the background of everything that is behind it.

Advanced Vector Design

Sketch focuses primarily towards the implementation of vector design which is considered as the most popular web design of recent times. It keeps the vector environment quite easy to manage and play with, thus enabling you to move shapes around and manipulate them quite easily and freely. Even though you are obliged to keep an organized panel of layers just like Photoshop does, the layers in Sketch are grouped to be quite meaningful, and have been arranged quite vividly, thus enhancing the effects. The layer panel at the left provides loads of freedom for working along with the use of groups meant for tailoring layers, amenably for exporting and creating symbols.

Multiple Art-boards

Unlike Photoshop where there is only one single art board present for working, Sketch comes with multiple Pages or Art boards. You can navigate between all the art boards by using the fn+arrow up/down or by using the pages pop up option. Using multiple art boards saves a lot of time as you don’t have to open different documents for the transformation of objects separately, rather you can have multiple canvases within a single document and perform all the manipulations on them. The art boards can also be used to display the various different states of a screen.

Retouching Shapes

Unlike Photoshop that usually distorts and messes up shapes while you stretch the corners for resizing, Sketch tends to preserve the shape with respect to each corner. Moreover if you want to edit a shape within another, it can be done quite easily. All you need to do is to select the complex shape, hit enter, and click on tab to move between the shapes inside of it.
There is only one con for Sketch though – it is available only for MAC OS, which may be the only frustrating aspect of it.
The team at Bohemian Coding is constantly doing a mind blowing job fixing all of its bugs and crashes, and with every update of Sketch they seem to be making it better than the previous version. Don’t think too much, just Sketch it out.



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