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Change is imminent in the fast evolving world of web page designing. A hot new trend seen to be making huge waves in this era is the one page site phenomenon, single page web apps seem to be taking the web designing market into a new paradigm. The trend is fueled by a very justified quest for simplicity and speed. A way forward to let go of the outdated convention of stagnant design and instead completely dwelling into the digital platform to bring forth a fluid web surfing experience is all these single page applications are about.

A similarity to the old design of hosting several pages with a hierarchal layout, such sites have the same navigation techniques or some other familiar website practices. The main difference comes in the form of no folders or references to other indexed content when you check out the URL. Another important characteristic are the anchor links, which are all placed on one page, to make it easy for the viewer to click on a link in the navigation scheme and go to an anchored section. Here, these anchored sections are also placed in the same page instead of another one.

Content Swapping

The complexity imminent in web pages is hidden from the user. All the codes whether it is HTML, java or CSS, is loaded when a page is opened and the other necessary resources are also called at that instance. There is no reloading of the page again and again, neither does it transfer the control to another page during this transition. In a conventional site, when a user clicks on a link, the browser sends a request to the server to retrieve the new page and puts it on screen for the viewer. The header, footer, side bars etc. are all repeated in the various pages of that site, with only the content changing. In single page website when the user clicks on a link, the server hides the old content and brings the new requested content up on the screen.

No Reloading Required

The other design of a single page application is AJAX based. Here, the browser is fed with a very small amount of HTML. New AJAX calls are used every time the viewer requests for it. This results in zero reloading of the page to show the new content.



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