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5 Life Hacks that will Accelerate your IQ Level 5 Life Hacks that will Accelerate your IQ Level


5 Life Hacks that will Accelerate your IQ Level



Life is a race. The only way to win it is to acquire a mental acuity. The ability to reason your way out of logical problems. Also, to make quick decisions, to wind through labyrinths with a sensory sharpness, and make it to the finish line at the end. Thus, in simple words, I’m talking about being smart, which is an attribute you can’t live without in these progress-driven times.


Now, the main question is: How can you tap into the unopened storehouse of mind, and release the flux of intelligence that’s hidden in you? Through the following activities, which challenge you in different ways, calling forth your wit, allowing you to open up and become smarter.




Sit down wherever you feel comfortable. Your favorite plushy couch, the bed, the kitchen chair, the soft mat on the floor, the coffee shop, the subway, or even your workplace station. Put your smartphone and other worldly distractions away. 


Though, close your eyes. Block out the outside noise. Focus on your breath as it goes in and out. Do this for as long as you can and see how much your concentration levels improve. Not only that, once you practice the higher sort of meditation, your patience, memory, and brain function will also increase, leading you to have a higher IQ.


Simple, quite doable hack, don’t you think?




Some people opt for books to spark their imagination and increase their vocabulary plus concentration. However, if you’re not a bookworm by heart, then you can consider watching movies as an alternative. Good cinematography can sharpen your IQ just as well. 


The characters’ dilemmas, and how they make their way out of them, can teach you a lot about problem-solving skills. Certain sequences can make your heart melt with compassion, while others can make the hair on the back of your neck rise with terror. 


Complex movies like ‘A Beautiful Mind’ (2001), ‘Memento’ (2000), and ‘Inception’ (2010) are known as popular brain-teasers. You can either stream them online over your smooth Spectrum internet or order them on-demand from your Spectrum TV provider. Hence, any mode that’ll suit you the best.




Who says you have to hit the gym every time you need to exercise? Though that is preferable, you can work out anywhere you like. Even in your office space. Take an early morning jog through the woods with your favorite tunes playing in your ear. 

Let the fresh air lighten up your mood and enable the released endorphins to stimulate your brain activity. Given the sort of sedentary lifestyle, we’re prone to live these days, exercise is nothing short of vital for us. 


Thus, regular muscular movement and core build-up vents out stress sharpens senses and makes them much more attuned to the surrounding. As they say, a healthy body has a healthy mind. So, there you go, another hack to ramp up your IQ.




One of the best ways to raise your IQ level fast enough is gaming. Usually, it is underestimated as a casual pastime activity, but gamers are some of the world’s most clever beings. How? Well, just take a look at the games that they spend their lives playing. 


Nearly, all of them reinforce the gamer’s ability to form quick strategies which help them overpower opponents, smoothly skip over hurdles, and reap long-term benefits. Not only that, when the game sticks them in a dismal situation or a problematized scenario, they are forced to exercise their mind and expand their powers, to find a way out of the dilemmas. 


This is how they gain problem-solving skills which immediately raise their IQ level. In addition to video games, card games like Monopoly, piece ones like Chess, and general puzzles teach the player the importance of decision making, the art of making the right moves, the ability to embrace risks, and the spirit of healthy competition. So, try it and see for yourself if you don’t

feel even slightly enlightened.


Try Something New


You only get to live once, so why not live fully? Why spend your days and nights stuck in a single routine, which drags you from the apex of creativity to the depths of boredom?

Why not stimulate your mind and expand its avenues, instead of confining it in a box, which ultimately becomes its coffin? Valid questions, right? Every time you get out of your house, do something new. 


Gather experiences because they have a lot to teach you. Go to far-off places. Meet new people. Try different food. Learn a foreign language. Indulge in a local music scene and play new instruments, as the music increases memory and creative powers. Paint. Sing. Write. Means many things to do!


So, what are you waiting for?


Get started on these five life hacks and get smarter than before!



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