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Top 5 Tools for Generating Keywords in 2023

Top 5 Tools for Generating Keywords in 2023

Keyword research is a crucial part of SEO strategy. Every website should be optimized and drive traffic for a variety of terms, whether you’re creating new material or improving existing sites.

So, you should have to drive the primary keyword first. This will help you to extract more keywords to make your content SEO-optimized. But the question is where to extract more keywords that are high in the competition.

Let me take you to the world of the Top 5 Tools for Generating Keywords in 2023. Here are the top-tested keywords tools that are worthy in upcoming years. has discovered exciting free services for you

ettvi keyword generator tool

You can evaluate keywords for your website with the aid of keyword analysis tools. Here are some resources like the Top Search Queries, the Keyword Suggestion Tool, and the Keyword Position Checker.

You can verify the placement of your keywords by using the Keyword Position Checker tool. The Keyword competition Checker, one of the best tools for keyword analysis, enables you to look up the level of rivalry for the keywords you want to position your website for.

Ettvi does not end up here but it has many other free tools that help you to rank your website. Let’s step into the world of Ettvi Free Tools.

Check Long Tail Keywords On Google Trends

google trends keywords tool

Google Trends is a free utility that lets you look up any subject to see how Google searches are changing. It offers global views in Google search statistics. To find out how certain subjects are trending in a particular nation, look for that nation.

You can evaluate up to five terms in Google Trends to determine which ones have the greatest chance of receiving the most search traffic.

Generate keyword-optimized titles with Answer the Public

answer the public long tail keywords

AnswerThePublic is a tool that assists organizations and people in learning about the queries people are typing into search engines.

It compiles a collection of connected queries from a subject with a headword of 1-2 words. To find the best chances for new content, you input your top keyword into a search bar, and AnswerThePublic returns these queries and the associated information.

Get the best keywords with Long Tail Pro

longtail pro keywords tool

Long Tail Pro is a feature-rich utility for keyword research that gives long tail terms priority. To assist users in finding the best keyword possibilities for their content marketing initiatives, Long Tail Pro offers long-tail keyword suggestions and local search traffic.

Long Tail Pro will offer up to 400 long tail phrases after you input just one head term. Your keywords can then be grouped or arranged using a variety of criteria, such as search traffic, average CPC offer, rank value, and others.

Wordtracker extracts the helpful keywords


Wordtracker is a keyword study instrument for SEO and market analysis. Three features are available in Wordtracker to help with keyword and industry study.

  • Keyword software. The user inputs a seed term, and the tool produces a collection of keywords that are pertinent to the market.
  • Check instrument. Users can use this function to research and find terms used by rival companies.
  • Specific traveler. Users can use this application to find popular terms in particular industries.

You can also check how to Rank in Google Trends.

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