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Best Places to Visit in Thailand




If you are planning your next vacation or finding a place to visit which is culturally stimulating and relaxing at the same time, there is no better place other than Thailand. It is the exotic foreign place to visit that does not break your bank. White beaches, relaxing atmosphere, scrumptious food, and hospitable people are the primary attraction for the tourists in Thailand. You will have such a great time there, that it will be hard for you to return. Thailand is a dream destination which has amazing places, hotels and resorts. Here is a list of some of the best places you should not miss on the visit to Thailand.

1. City of Angels: Bangkok


The capital city of Thailand is definitely a place not to miss. This city has the best food street in the country which is incredibly inviting for the tourists. Bangkok streets are lively as people hustle to go to work, vendors pass by and bike riders buzz through the pedestrians. The most amazing thing about the city is its nightlife and parties. Apart from that, you will find a perfect balance of historic sites and modern commercialism. There are a lot of things you can do in Bangkok such as visiting the weekend market, the parks, shopping at the electronic mall, sailing the Chao Phraya River and definitely the royal palace.  Whenever you visit Thailand, make sure to make your way to the city which never sleeps.

2. Khao Yai National Park


If you are a nature lover and animals fascinate you, Khao Yai park is a must visit. This park has  Asian Elephants, gibbons, macaques, pythons, bears and much more. It is also the oldest park of the country. Khao Yai is the home to various species of plants and animals but the main attraction are the roaming Asian elephants and white-handed gibbons.  


You can visit the park during the day but if you are an adventurous “nature junky” then this is the perfect place for you because you can camp out for the night or rent a private cabin for a week. Khao Yai is also a paradise for hikers. The lush trails which can be covered via bicycle or foot are not to be missed. One of the best things to do in Thailand is to visit the national park of Khao Yai.

3. Ayutthaya Historical Park


Ayutthaya is a historical place and a certified UNESCO world heritage site. If you are interested in culture, history, and ruins, this is the place you don’t want to miss during your visit. The city was destroyed by Burmese and now there are just the remains which UNESCO has protected and restored. You can visit the city on a one-day trip to Bangkok. You will find sacred shrines, chedis and various statues of Buddha which have been entwined in tree roots. You can hire a bicycle or a tuk-tuk (a cart pulled by a bicycle) to visit the remains of the city if you aren’t much of a walker. The historical place brilliantly displays the great example of Thai art is ts true ancient glory. This ancient city of Ayutthaya might as well be a dreamland for an art and history lover.

 4. Phi Phi Islands


The islands of Thailand are famous worldwide for their stunning beaches, wild parties, and gorgeous scenery. Kho Phi Phi is the most famous of all. It is actually the combination of six islands. Kho Phi Phi is the only island where you can stay overnight. It only hosts one beach which is in Maya Bay. The white sand, crystal clear water and tropical vegetation have international fame which attracts a myriad of daily visitors. The beach is usually full of boats and tourists because this island is the busiest and most popular among the cluster. You can hire a boat to tour around all of the heavenly islands.  You can also experience the stunning sights on land by hiking, this island can be termed as the package deal for tourists. Despite the crowd, Kho Phi Phi is the paradise on Earth that you’ll find in Phuket, Thailand.

5. Chiang Mai


Chiang Mai is another popular place to see in the north of Thailand. It is also known as “Rose of the North”. A breathtaking walled city surrounded by mountains. The place has recently become the hotspot for tourists due to its outstanding facilities, affordable lodging, and on-point internet speed. Chiang Mai invites tourist to explore the lush landscapes, Sunday night market or streets scented by the aroma of delicious food. If you are a food lover, the city will not disappoint you. It has the best cuisines from all over the world plus incredible authentic Thai food. The traditional and the modern architecture coexist in Chiang Mai. It is definitely an amazing place for tourists to visit.

6. Sukhothai Historical Park


Sukhothai historical place is one of the most fascinating places in Thailand. It houses the ruins of Sukhothai kingdom of 13th and 14th century. The park is in the north of Thailand and has a set of almost 200 remains. Royal palaces, large lakes, beautiful temples, and distinctive statues invite everyone to discover the history. These include Phra Achana Buddha at Wat Si Chun, Wat Mahatat the park’s largest temple and the scarce three-pillared Wat Si Sawai temple. Tourist can visit the museum inside the park to learn about the Sukhothai culture. You can rent a bicycle to tour the whole park and to see the untouched ruins. Sukhothai is a must on your list whenever you are in Thailand.

7. Hua Hin


Hua Hin is the place if you want to travel and enjoy like locals do. It has the best beaches on the mainland and that is why it is the common weekend destination for Thai natives. It is the oldest beach city in Thailand. To get most out of the experience, tourists should visit Hua Hin on weekdays. It houses world-class resorts and astonishing sites.


The main attractions are the largest teak building of the old summer palace and lively night markets. You will get the best food here and a perfect sunset with the sun melting into the widespread sea. If you want to visit the original Thai beach resort, the former fishing village Hua Hin is waiting for you.

8. Railay


Railay is not an island but when you travel it by boat, it feels like one. It is the ideal place for rock climbers and backpackers. The awesome destination is located in Thailand’s Krabi area.  the limestone karsts provide an incredible sight. Beautiful beaches and mountainous backdrop are the central attraction for tourists. Some of the beaches here offer accommodations and restaurants. But swimming in Railay is not a good idea. Don’t miss visiting Railay as it is one of the hotspots for tourists.

9. Phuket


Phuket is known as the top tourist destination in Thailand. It is the most developed and the largest island in the country. There are three main sets of islands. The place has a unique culture, authentic cuisines, captivating underwater views and incredible beaches. You can easily explore the entire island on a motorbike or by renting a bicycle, tour boats are not allowed here. You can find the way to big Buddha (the famous landmark of the Phuket) with the best viewpoints. The tiger kingdom is captivating if you ever want to get close to tigers. You can also get some tasty Thai food and endless shopping at the nearby weekend market.

The mentioned places are some of the best sites to visit in Thailand but there is much more to explore. The country is full of epic adventures, natural wonders and top-class cuisines making it a prime tourist destination. Include Thailand in your travel list now, our list is at your service.



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